IPRS, Dolby Laboratories and Hungama Artist Aloud Announce #HERmusic to Empower Women in Music

Marketing | March 3, 2021 | News

IPRS Dolby Laboratories Hungama Artist Aloud HERmusic

The representative body of music composers, lyricists, and publishers of music, Indian Performing Right Society Limited (IPRS) in collaboration with Dolby Laboratories and Hungama Artist Aloud has announced the #HERmusic initiative to empower women in the music industry.

Aimed to promote the representation of women musicians in India by identifying the barriers and creating a conducive environment for them to express and flourish, the movement will begin from March 8 on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

Rakesh Nigam, CEO of IPRS said, “We’re extremely thrilled with the collaboration between IPRS, Dolby Laboratories and Hungama Artist Aloud. Despite a surge in female voices heard across broad spectrums of industries, we’re still far from seeing enough contribution from female authors and composers in the music industry in India. Women have been under-represented for a very long time in areas related to music creation and production. With this initiative, we hope to strike a conversation that snowballs into a much-needed change in the industry and open up avenues for women in the industry that weren’t accessible earlier. Through this, we hope to jointly work towards decoding and resolving prevailing issues and encourage creative and talented minds, which in turn will further enrich the cultural heritage of our country.”

“This initiative aims to create an open forum to discuss the concerns that women have to contend with to find their place in the modern music industry. We’re extremely happy that this collaboration is taking shape; we hope that the music industry bears the fruitful outcome of this necessary change, and we can build a gender-neutral workspace to carry on our legacy. The initiative wishes to serve as a stepping stone to a largely delayed conversation,” Soumini Sridhara Paul, Senior Vice President, Hungama Artist Aloud added.

Manifold activities will take place under the umbrella of #HERmusic and further spread-out in the form of initiatives like #UnleashHERmusic, #EmpowerHERmusic, and #CelebrateHERmusic as three legs of the campaign.

The first leg of the campaign #UnleashHERMusic will congregate a music roundtable, having all leading women on the panel from creators, composers, industry insiders and media. The panel includes Sneha Khanwalkar (Music Director), Anushka Manchanda (Singer, Composer, Music Producer), M.M. Sreelekha (Singer & Music composer), Natania Lalwani (Indie Pop Musician), Hiral Viradia (Sound Engineer), Anwesha Dutta Gupta (Singer & Composer), Soumini Sridhara Paul (Senior Vice President, Hungama Artist Aloud), Sonali Singh (Talent Manager), along with Nirmika Singh (Editor, Rolling Stone) who will moderate the session.

The second leg of the campaign #EmpowerHERMusic consists of extensive outreach, talent hunt and knowledge series with Dolby, Hungama Artist Aloud and industry stalwarts, wherein female creators will learn the know-how of creatively and technologically enhancing their art-form, further helping the artistes/creators to expand their creative palette.

The third leg of the campaign #CelebrateHERMUSIC will acclaim and commemorate ‘HER creation’ in the form of ‘All women music concert’.

This movement proposes to create a conducive, collaborative space for women to uphold their talent and share their experiences; a space to inspire, empower and celebrate women in music.

Aimed to promote the representation of women musicians in India by identifying the barriers and creating a conducive environment for them, the initiative will begin on Women’s Day.

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