OnePlus 6 Launch Executed By 70 EMG At NSCI Dome

Marketing | July 18, 2018 | News

One Plus 70 EMG

Following the OnePlus 6 Global Launch in London on May 16, 2018, the Indian market was all set for the launch of this flagship smartphone on May 17, 2018, at NSCI, Dome, Mumbai. 70 EMG was entrusted with the responsibility of conceptualizing and executing this magnanimous Launch for OnePlus Mobitech India Private Limited. 

Attended by about 2000 individuals from the OnePlus Community, leading Media Houses, and Celebrities, this launch was one of the most awaited events of the year. OnePlus 6 took humanity’s quest for speed a notch up higher with this product, thereby validating their Marketing Communication tagline – The Speed You Need. Additionally, this year OnePlus also partnered with The Walt Disney Company to launch the Avengers Infinity War edition phones.  The brief for the OnePlus 6 Launch was to create a unique experience, that would provide a single platform for the community and media to witness all of the above features come alive. Correspondingly every aspect of the event had to be a translation of the brand identity – simple yet bold!

The launch was scheduled for May 17 at 3:00 pm at NSCI, Dome. Given the wide fan base of OnePlus, guest arrivals began as early as 7:00 am on May 17, 2018. The customer experience was one that was scheduled to start right from the time of entry. 70 EMG had set up a segmented registration area, where guests could register themselves on the basis the category of attendees they represented – Community, Media or Partners. As guests proceeded to register themselves, they were greeted with a generous swag kit, comprising OnePlus and Disney merchandise.

The entry to the Main Event Area was through a Photo Gallery that was conceptualized keeping minimalistic boldness as the central theme. This gallery displayed a wide range of photographs shot exclusively on the OnePlus 6. It served as a great platform for the display of the OnePlus 6 camera features, thereby building on to the adrenaline rush, as guests proceeded to the Main Event Area. On entering the Main Area, guests were assisted by hostesses to their seats, preparing them for the launch.              

At sharp 3:00 pm, the launch commenced onstage. A live webcast of the show was arranged for, on the official OnePlus website – catering to the millions of fans who were unable to make it to the Launch. Hosted by Gaurav Kapur, the launch began with product presentations by Mr. Kyle Kiang (Global Head of Marketing), Mr. Szymon Kopec (Product Manager) and Mr. Bikram Duggal (Executive Director and Head Studio Entertainment, The Walt Disney Company, India). 

A very integral highlight of the Launch, among the others, was the presence of the OnePlus Brand Ambassador Mr. Amitabh Bachchan along with Ms. Aditi Rao Hydari, who shared their thoughts on the product, prior to the launch.  The product information concluded with the formal launch of the OnePlus 6 and the Price Point of the product. This was revealed by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan onstage, leaving the audience spellbound. This was not the end of it! Seconds after the launch of the phone, an exclusive Community Experience Zone was launched in the Main event area – giving guests a hands-on experience of the phone! The zone was fabricated along the periphery of the event area, covered under a Kabuki during the main event flow. The whopping 330 feet wide experience zone was revealed with the drop of the Kabuki – making it the largest Kabuki reveal ever, to be seen in India!   The Community Experience Zone was segmented into two Phone Display areas, a Bluetooth Display area, Sound PODs, Gaming Zone and The Avenger Zone – each of which was conceptualized and designed to highlight the specific feature in consideration. 

The Phone Display area provided for a seamless crowd movement through the zone, giving adequate hands-on experience to every individual. The Bluetooth Zone had the wireless Bluetooth headsets on display, for guests to wear and experience the same. The design of the Bluetooth Display was inspired by sound waves and took a circular form, making it very distinct to its offering. 

The Sound PODs were designed to enhance the headset quality by creating completely sound-proof PODs, equipped to house a person inside it, to experience the high quality of sound. The design for the PODs had a futuristic touch to it, not only aiding to the sound experience but also reconfirming the exceptional technology that OnePlus 6 was sporting.  

The Avenger Zone showcased life-size limited edition figurines of the Avenger Infinity Wars series, which sent waves of excitement through the community. 

OnePlus 6 Launched in Indian market on May 17 with the Avengers Infinity War Theme executed by 70 EMG

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