Jagran Solutions Manages India’s First Ever Drone Racing Competition

Entertainment | May 24, 2018 | News

Jagran Solutions Smaaash

A test of skill, dexterity and determination, the SMAAASH Drone Racing Championship featured top pilots from around the world including from the US, Australia, Korea, and Europe as they battled it out to become the first SMAAASH FPV Drone Racing Champ.

Jagran Solutions managed on-ground production of this racing event that was India’s premier international-level drone racing event hosted in Mumbai.

The Smaaash Drone League was a two-day event set in the open parking lot of Kamala Mills, Mumbai where amateur enthusiasts were invited to compete against each other on day one, and on day two, were joined by professional drone racers in a LED-strewn outdoor track for a complete racing extravaganza.

Alongside, there were stalls for enthusiasts and kids to build their own Lego drones, interact with unconventional drones, and even purchase drones from the venue.

Taking part in India's first notable drone racing extravaganza were individuals like Siddharth Nayak, Raman Verma and others - India's first representative at international drone racing competitions. 22-Year-Old Ritvik won Smaaash Drone League, Drone Flying Tournament, Topping India's Drone Racing Community.

In a conversation about this grand event, Pawan Bansal, COO at Jagran Solutions said “It is not an overstatement to say that we were thrilled to win the mandates to manage India’s first ever Drone Racing Competition! There were no vehicles they could ride in, except the ones that shuttled them to the event. And though there were competitors they were across a wide range of ages, from high schoolers to working professionals. We hope competitions like this will increase interest among individuals in general to buy, fiddle and engage with drones. There are a wide range of applications.”

Jagran solutions managed india's first ever drone racing compeition in may.

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