Yes, It is time to say WOW again! But this time, we want you to actually say it, out loud! Pack all your senses into it and feel it in your gut. Experience the WOW!

The WOW Awards are back, and in its third edition, we're taking the LIVE quotient up to an all time high! After all, WOW is a celebration of LIVE brand experiences and through the platform we want to celebrate the medium 'LIVE' to the fullest.

Our belief in the medium has only strengthened in the years we've been involved with the experiential marketing industry.
The WOW Award entries from past years are the truest testimony to the undying potential of the medium in creating unparallel experiences. And so our choice in celebrating the experience: LIVE. Read more...

Sanjay Jain, Chief Marketing Officer, Reliance Capital

The WOW Awards 2011 jury chairperson is Sanjay Jain, Chief Marketing Officer of Reliance Capital. Jain has graciously accepted the responsibility of chairing the jury for the awards and is lending his support in the process of the awards as well.

Jain works very closely with all Reliance Capital companies,including Reliance Mutual Funds, Reliance Life Insurance, Reliance Consumer Finance, Reliance Home Finance, Reliance Money and Reliance General Insurance amongst others, in defining their marketing and brand strategies. He has nineteen years of strong and diverse experience as a marketing and management executive with extensive experience in marketing, product and brand development, new launches, strategic planning, developing new business opportunities and project management. Excerpts:


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