Winners of WOW Awards 2009
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1. Live Entertainment Event of the Year

2. Live Event of the Year in a Foreign Location

3. New Event Property of the Year

4. a. Dealer / Trade Education Program of the Year

4. b. Best Dealer / Trade Incentive Program of the Year

5. Sport Association of the Year by a Brand

6. Sports Property of the Year

7. a.On-ground Promotion of the Year for Sampling

7. b.On-ground Promotion of the Year for Sales Promotion

8. College Contact Program of the Year

9. School Contact Program of the Year

10. Knowledge Property by an Educational Institution

11. Cultural Property by an Educational Institution

12. Activation Program of the Year by a Radio Station involving on-ground connect

13. On-ground Event / Property of the Year by a Radio Station

14. CSR Property of the Year by a Radio Station involving on-ground connect

15. Televised Event of the Year

16. Pub Promotion of the Year

17. Launch Event of the Year

18. On-ground Film Promotion of the Year (by a film)

19. On-ground Association with a Film by a Brand

20. MICE Tour of the Year

21. On-ground Youth Connect of the Year

22. B2B Event of the Year

23. In-Mall / In-Store Promotion of the Year

24. Rural Marketing Program of the Year

25. Consumer Exhibition of the Year

26. B2B Exhibition of the Year  

27. Event / Experience of the Year (for Internal Audience/s)

28. Small Budget On-ground Promotion of the Year

About WOW Awards 2009

Coming from EVENTFAQS, the only dedicated online portal and monthly print publication for Events and Experiential Marketing, the Awards seek to celebrate excellence in this space, across industries. We believe that every event and every on ground interaction between the brand and the consumer is an experience. How that experience is made enriching by the brand (for the consumer), while achieving brand objectives is what we're inviting marketers to judge.

The Entries
To keep things simple, and facilitate judging by pre-defined event elements, we surmised that entries should broadly have the following components (will change for individual Categories):

(a) Brief / Objectives
(b) Concept and Execution
(c) Scale and Innovation
(d) Measured Results
(e) Images from the campaign / activity and
(f) Authorisation from the client (MANDATORY)

Further details on entry requirements for each category will be available on the Categories page.

The Jury
The Jury does not have any representation from agencies to ensure neutrality and comprises of clients  such as Heads of Organisations and Heads of Marketing from across industries... Read on

The Process
Entries were invited beginning January 05, 2009, and closed on Feb 03, 2009. The jury would mark the awards based on a set of defined guidelines. See Entry Requirements for a detailed process explanation… Read on

The Categories
The categories will reflect the evolving nature and stature of Events and Experiential Marketing. This list will include 'Live Entertainment Event of the Year', 'New Event Property of the Year'… Read on

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