Entry Requirements

Work executed between January 01, 2008, and December 31, 2008, is eligible for WOW Awards 2009.

Each entry needs to be sent in two parts.

Take a print out of this form.
Fill in the details within the allotted space, IN CAPITAL LETTERS.
Attach an image (or images) from the event / campaign within the allotted space.
Signature, seal and contact details of the client / sponsor of the activity / event
is mandatory.
Contact details of the entrant is mandatory – clarifications will be addressed to the contact details furnished here.
A separate Entry Form should accompany each entry.
Each Entry Form (and hence, entry) needs to be accompanied by a Demand Draft in favour of EMDI Web Solutions (P) Ltd., for Rs. 500, payable at Mumbai (Not applicable for educational institutions).
The Entry Form and Demand Draft need to be sent by courier, to:
WOW Awards
G1/G2, Flamingo
No: 50, Veronica Road
Bandra (West)
Mumbai 400 050  
A confirmatory e-mail will be sent to the contact details furnished by the entrant from  wowawards@eventfaqs.com / enterwow@eventfaqs.com.
The Entry Presentation
The second part of the entry needs to be sent by e-mail to enterwow@eventfaqs.com.This is the part of the entry that the jury will rate. Hence, adherence to the sub- divisions specified under Categories, and to the uniform format (PDF), is critical.
Understand which Categories(or Categories) the entry needs to be sent for. The same  piece of work may be entered in multiple categories.
Once decided on the Category(ies) the piece of work needs to be entered in, click on the name of the category on the Categories page.
Upon clicking a Category name, you will find the Entry Requirements for that particular category.
Each entry will be in the form of a PDF document. Each entry element listed under that Category title needs to be presented  in not more than one page.
For example, if the Category chosen is “Live Entertainment Event of the Year”, then  the Entry Requirements are:
i.    Brief and Objectives
ii.   Pre-event Promotions and Buzz Creation 
iii.  Concept Innovation
iv.  Set Design and Decor (Picture and description)
v.   Results and Attendance
vi.  Reach and Amplification
vii. ROI Measure for Sponsor (s)
Each of these elements need to be presented in not more than 1 page, in PDF format, i.e., a maximum of 1 page of a PDF document explaining ‘Brief and Objectives’, and so on.
Each page of the PDF should be of A4 Size (297 x 210 cms) (height x width).
Hence the total number of pages of the entry presentation (in PDF format) for each entry in the category of “Live Entertainment of the Year” will be not more than 7 pages. Each entry will be presented as a single PDF document with multiple pages. The number of pages will differ from category to category, in tune with the Entry Requirements for that Category.
We encourage entrants to keep the entry presentation document as brief and precise as possible, and light, and explain the salient features of the event / campaign categorised strictly according to Entry Requirements listed under Categories.
Visual proof of the campaign / event can be incorporated into the PDF document where possible. Only the PDF document will be judged. All that you want the jury to see should be within those stipulated pages of the document.
Design is a key element for award entry presentations – and so is clarity of thought. The PDF document should not be zipped.

Upon receipt of both elements of the entry (hard copy of Entry Form with Demand Draft, and the Entry Presentation by e-mail, in PDF format), each entry will be verified and forwarded for the jury’s perusal.

After the entry has been sent, no correspondence will be entertained relating to the entry unless in response to queries from organizers. Results will be announced only at the awards night, on March 06, 2009.    

Last date for receipt of entries: February 03, 2009





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