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Tushar Lall and The Indian Jam Project is an act - famous for their Indian classical adaptations of Western Scores like Game of Thrones, Titanic, Mission Impossible, James Bond, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean. With over 20 million views on YouTube - the act is Founded by Tushar Lall who is the brains behind arranging and composing these adaptations. They also perform Bollywood instrumental music adding a different flavor to it.

Tushar Lall shared an Image

15th July 2019

Tushar Lall - Indian Jam Project performing at Saarang - IIT Madras

Tushar Lall shared an Image

18th June 2019

Fusion of Hollywood Score with Indian Instruments

Tushar Lall shared an Event

13rd March 2019


Tushar Lall shared a Video

15th October 2018

The Yellow Scientist (Coldplay Series) | Tushar Lall (TIJP)

Tushar Lall shared a Video

15th October 2018

Mission Impossible (Indian Version) | Tushar Lall (TIJP)



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