Megashow India

Innovative Act

Megashow India (aka “The Lab of Crazy Scientists”) is a group of international artists who provide unique interactive concepts of entertainment for all types of events: birthday parties, weddings, corporate events and family days. Check out these interactive concepts:  

1. Nitrogen Duo  - our SIGNATURE ACT is a non-stop 2 hour activity zone where two international artists involve the guests into a conversation full of funny jokes, questions and, most importantly, unseen before scientific tricks with one of the coldest liquids in the world - liquid nitrogen (-196 degrees Celsius), fire challenges, and liquid nitrogen ice-cream.

2. WOW magic portrait. It’s a brand new interactive performance, where each and every guest contributes to the creation of a painting, which is then revealed during a pompous ceremony on the stage by a CEO, director, family members or chief guests.

3. TRANSFORMER ROBOTS: spectacular 7'4 feet tall live transformer robots which will become a WOW moment for any event! Light and sound effects, interactive dancing and communication with the guests of the event! These guys are one-of-a-kind in entire India!

4. Wonder Globe Photo booth. What do 98% of all people do during the events? Right, they click photos! Amaze your guests with an opportunity to make spectacular photos in our brand new photo zone, which can be customised for any theme, with any branding, color and interiors!

5. Packages for Family Days and big corporate events. This includes science stage shows with international artists, ongoing activities with takeaway goodies: SPINART and slime-making activities.

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28th February 2020

Nitrogen Duo, WOW painting and SPINART for AsianPaints

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2nd December 2019

Brand new Premium quality mascots are now in Mumbai!

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17th May 2019

WOW Painting for Chennai Super Kings

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15th November 2018

Transformers show at Westin (Pune)

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15th November 2018

Giant Snow Globe for corporate and social events

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3rd October 2018

Transformer robots at WOW Awards

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2nd October 2018

Transformer robots for corporate events

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13rd September 2018

UNIQUE photo zone prop: Giant Magic Globe

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12th September 2018

Giant Globe photozone concept for ACG Alumni Meeting

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26th July 2018

Bumblebee transformer as a WOW factor