Nikhil Shetty

Singer/ Performer

Nikhil Shetty is an extremely talented artist and an amazing Live Performer.. His beautiful voice leaves his audience spellbound. He has also performed live at various radio stations. His persona on stage compels the audience to fall in love with his soulful voice. At such a young age Nikhil Shetty has performed at more than 1000 live events in different parts of country and across the world. He is presently working on his independent music.

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17th September 2019

#NikhilShettyLive - 17th September 2019

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14th August 2019

Catch Nikhil Live Tonight i.e.14th August 2019 at Gymkhana 91, Mumbai.

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30rd July 2019

Nikhil Shetty & Ambili Menon live at Ludhiana

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24th July 2019

Nikhil Shetty live tomorrow i.e. 25th July at The Bar Terminal

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3rd July 2019

Come Join Us For A Nikhil Shetty Live @ By the Drive on 4th July.


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