Exploring Event Imagination Technology: Stage Light & Sound Innovation at PALM Expo 2024

Business Events | May 28, 2024 | Feature

Bombay Exhibition Centre (NESCO) PALM Expo

PALM Expo 2024, India's premier event for the entertainment industry, is set to unveil the latest advancements in stage lighting, sound engineering, and visual technologies from May 30 to June 1, 2024, at the Bombay Exhibition Centre (NESCO). With an emphasis on practicality and real-world applications, PALM Expo remains at the forefront of showcasing innovation within the industry.

“The growth witnessed in event stage, light & sound equipment sales and rental in 2023-24 has been the highest ever,” says Devendra Wadhwa, Head of Modern Stage Services, one of Delhi's leading turnkey event companies. This exponential growth reflects the event industry's remarkable expansion over the past year.

At the core of the event industry in 2024, PALM Expo will present its largest-ever exhibits. The display of sound reinforcement gear, screens, and projections will feature the most extensive array of brands and products available in India.

An estimated 25,000-27,000 attendees, including rental companies, importers, distributors, and dealers, are expected. This large gathering will also include many dedicated professionals such as sound engineers, acoustic architects, audio design engineers, and top management from Pro Audio, Lighting & Display companies.

The 12th PALM Pro Light & Sound Awards and the AV Excellence Awards will recognize outstanding contributions in various categories, including experiential visuals, sound design, system design, and digital signage. Event companies will also be honored for their exceptional show conceptualization and delivery.

“Future of great events is in stage technology. Indian events are set to grow in their scope from whatever best stage events we have seen till today. Large stage entertainment involves every aspect of the PALM Expo be it lasers, lighting design, lighting control, immersive sound for audience, anamorphic display, or AR/VR for audience participation. From end user experiential to the core content creation in sound recording or visual design mapping,” emphasizes Founding Director Anil Chopra in his vision for India’s Event Industry.

Ramesh Chetwani, Project Director of PALM Expo, highlights the event's unique exposition: “We have three large halls, one for Pro Audio & Sound, one dedicated to entertainment lighting, and a third for AV integration. Annually drawing in a congregation of 25,000 professionals over three enriching days, with three dedicated halls spanning over 29,000 square meters of exhibit area, PALM Expo hosts over 500 brands and thousands of products, encompassing every conceivable application and engineering marvel. The show is organized to international standards and is reputed globally as one of the main launch pads for new products.”

The QUBE, a 100-square-meter acoustically treated demonstration enclosure, will provide high-end sound reinforcement demonstrations from international brands. This exclusive feature of PALM Expo offers global brands a unique demonstration opportunity. The rental industry gravitates to the PALM Expo to strengthen their inventory year after year.

EEMA, the country's premier event and entertainment management association, participates in the PALM conference and exhibition, supporting its outreach to event organizers. Additionally, EESA (Event Equipment Service Association), based out of Bangalore, will conduct a rigging and trussing workshop at PALM Expo 2024.

The event is set to unveil the latest advancements in stage lighting, sound engineering, and visual technologies from May 30 to June 1, 2024, at the Bombay Exhibition Centre (NESCO).

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