Éclat designs an exceptional activation booth for Kotak at Ed Sheeran’s concert

Industry Watch | May 22, 2024 | Feature

Éclat Kotak booth Ed Sheeran’s concert

In the vibrant world of events and brand activations, standing out is key. And when it comes to capturing attention at an event as massive as an Ed Sheeran concert, innovation and creativity are essential. This was precisely the challenge and opportunity presented to Éclat by Kotak for their credit card promotion. This is the story of how Éclat transformed a credit card promotion into an event highlight, using innovative design and engaging activities.

Their vision for Kotak's booths, one in the General Access (GA) area and another in VIP, was to create a visual symphony that not only grabbed attention but left a lasting impression.

As a title sponsor to the event, it was crucial for Kotak to build something that stands out while also adhering to environmental protocols mandated by the organising team (BookMyShow). The planning began with a detailed recce of the Mahalaxmi Racecourse by Éclat's event team with our directors, engaging with the Kotak CMO and aligning with the BookMyShow team. The joint discussion helped build perspective on the basis of which we started meticulously sketching wireframes and 3D models. The designs went through constant refinement. It was our expert production team that affirmed that the ambitious design could be realised within tight timelines.

On the big day, Team Éclat ensured seamless execution, with Kotak relationship managers working in perfect harmony with the organising BookMyShow teams. The response was phenomenal – both booths became hubs of activity.

The booths boasted a curvy, monochrome white design, accented with luxurious elements. A massive LED screen pulsed with Kotak's video content, while a sprawling 30-foot setup commanded attention. But the real crowd-pleaser was the "Cash Cube". Participants scrambled to catch golden tickets for a chance to win mementos from Kotak. To add to the momento, winners captured their victories with instant Polaroids, creating keepsakes that solidified the brand experience on the spot. From wide-eyed kids to enthusiastic adults, the "Cash Cube" was a crowd magnet.

Meanwhile, the VIP section offered a taste of understated elegance. A stunning installation served as both a photogenic backdrop and a natural gathering point, ensuring high visibility for Kotak within the exclusive VIP space.

But the impact went beyond mere footfall. The engaging activities fostered meaningful connections with potential customers, leading to valuable interactions appreciated by Kotak's relationship managers.

The success of Kotak's booth at the Ed Sheeran concert was a testament of Éclat Events towards hard work, creativity, and confidence. Despite the challenges of a tight timeline and stringent environmental protocols, we delivered an experience that exceeded expectations. Éclat’s innovative design, engaging activities, and flawless execution ensured that Kotak stood out amidst the crowds, creating lasting memories and meaningful connections with attendees.

In the end, they weren’t just booths; they were brand experiences that resonated long after the final song faded.

This is the story of how Éclat transformed a credit card promotion into an event highlight, using innovative design and engaging activities.

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