Spotlight on Industry Titans: Unveiling the Speaker Lineup at Shows Of India Conclave 2024

Industry Watch | April 25, 2024 | News

Shows of India Conclave

The fourth edition of the Shows Of India Conclave is set to be held on April 30, 2024, at Aurika, Mumbai Skycity. Presented by EVENTFAQS Media and Eva Live in collaboration with EEMA, this event remains a crucial gathering for industry professionals to share insights.

India's growing stature as a global entertainment hub makes the Shows Of India Conclave a focal point for key stakeholders, including intellectual property and festival promoters, influencers, and leaders in branded entertainment and cultural marketing. This collaborative environment facilitates discussions on emerging industry trends and opportunities.

Shows of India is poised to host a series of enlightening sessions spanning various topics. The session details are outlined below:

Maximizing Sponsorship ROI: Strategies for Brands to Get Value for Money in Show Sponsorships

Special Address: IP Start Ups & the Start Up Ecosystem

Rage Nation: Unveiling the Emerging Electronic Culture

Catalysts that ignited the great Indian festival landscape - A limited edition fireside chat with Viraf Sarkari

Boutique Revolution: Unpacking the Rise of Intimate Experiences in the Entertainment Industry

Building Artists as Entrepreneurs: The Evolution of Ownership and Intellectual Property in the Creative Industry.

Bharat & Beyond: The Global Business of Live Entertainment

Ed Sheeran +-=÷ Tour India  Case Study

Global Aspirations: Insights and Lessons for Indian Promoters in the International Market

Carving your own niche: Building Bismil Ki Mehfil 

Venue Visions: Exploring Strategies and Challenges in Modern days

Masterclass - Owning your IP: The Legal Framework & Process

Exploring Regional Frontiers: The Emerging Markets in Live Entertainment

Masterclass - Mastering Large-Scale Participative Sports: Insights from the Mumbai Marathon with the Marathon Man

Navigating Profits and Losses: Insights from Companies Dominating the Intellectual Property Landscape

Diverse Expressions: Exploring the Extremes of Art, Culture, and Lifestyle in Live Entertainment

Decoding Success: Cash Burn vs. True Triumph - The Evolution of Large Festivals in India (Old School vs. New School Formats)

Beyond Business: What do Live Performances do for Artists?

Inside the Artist Manager's Playbook: Successes, Setbacks, and Future Trends

On the Road: Exploring the Lifestyle of Touring & Festivals with Next-Gen Artists

Betting Big on Live Entertainment: How are the Shows of India driving the economy?

Masterclass - Design Language: Shaping the Festival Experience

Ambitious Visions to Unforgettable Realities: Delivering Mega Format Sporting IPs Successfully

Masterclass - Festival Audiences: Stories That Data Tell Us

Gen Z Formats: Redefining the Touring & Festival Culture in India

Masterclass - The Unspoken Rules of Spokenfest: Building Asia’s best Art and Culture Festival

Don't miss out on this opportunity to gain invaluable insights and network with industry leaders at the forefront of the entertainment landscape. Join us at the Shows Of India Conclave 2024 and be part of shaping the future of live entertainment.

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Shows of India is poised to host a series of enlightening sessions spanning various topics. The session details are outlined below:

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