From the Stage to the Page: Kavea Chavali marks her writing debut with ‘Mic Check 123’

Industry Watch | April 22, 2024 | News

Kavea Chavali Mic Check 123

Embarking on a Journey from the Stage to the Page, Kavea Chavali, a renowned live events anchor, and prime-time television personality, celebrates a milestone in her illustrious career with the launch of her debut book, ‘Mic Check 123’. Drawing from her extensive experience hosting over 1400 shows across 17 countries and being the voice for more than 800 brands, Chavali's book promises to inspire readers with anecdotes, insights, and lessons learned from the world of anchoring and public speaking. Kavea is a force to reckon with. Rigorous networking and strong word of mouth propelled her trajectory while it also inspired her to pen this book.

Kavea Chavali said, "When I started out there was no hand holding. I had to figure it all out by myself. What I missed the most around the time I started was comprehensive guidance and actionable insights. Knowledge sharing is sorely missing in this industry, and Mic Check 123, is my earnest effort towards upskilling. We have many talented individuals who need that slight push to thrive, I believe my book can help not only with skill development but understanding the dynamic ecosystem of brands, stage and audience."

Kavea embarked on the journey of writing ‘Mic Check 123’ to share the compelling stories and experiences that shaped her career. Kavea Chavali shares, "It is a very lucid read, packed with storytelling and anecdotes not just from my career graph but from some of my peers as well. Launching a book can be nerve-wracking because you are literally putting all your thoughts out there and giving away all the aces up your sleeves. However, daunting this exercise may have been, it's reassuring that it's selling fast. I’m confident that Mic Check 123 will add tremendous value.”

The title of the book, ‘Mic Check 123’, holds significance as it reflects the ritual every speaker undergoes before taking the stage. "Every time I hold the mic, I say 'Mic Check 123.' It signifies the power of communication and the impact of one's voice," Kavea explains.

With the release of ‘Mic Check 123’, Kavea looks forward to basking in its success before considering her next writing project, "I'm immensely proud of this accomplishment and eager to see the impact it has. While another book may be on the horizon, for now, I'll be diving into new hosting opportunities and enjoying the journey."

Hosting over 1400 shows across 17 countries & being the voice for over 800 brands, the book promises to inspire readers with insights & lessons learned from the world of anchoring & public speaking.

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