DreamFolks and RedBeryl Partner to Redefine Luxury Travel Experiences Worldwide

Industry Watch | April 22, 2024 | News

DreamFolks RedBeryl

DreamFolks, a company that offers travel and lifestyle experiences with the help of technology, has joined hands with RedBeryl, a leader in luxury lifestyle and personalized services. This partnership aims to provide top-notch luxury experiences to customers worldwide.

Through this collaboration, DreamFolks clients, which include banks, card networks, and enterprises, will be able to enhance their offerings to customers. This means that customers can now access over 3000 exclusive members-only clubs across 150 countries and get prime seats at prestigious international sporting events like the Olympics, Wimbledon, Champions League, and World Cups.

Moreover, customers can enjoy luxurious stays at more than 15,000 premium hotels worldwide, indulge in fine dining experiences at renowned international venues and Michelin-starred restaurants, and avail elite transportation options such as private jets and yachts. Additionally, they will have access to tailored health and wellness solutions through acclaimed fitness chains and experts.

These services will be accessible through a co-branded card. These cards signify not only prestige but also grant access to a world of luxury and exclusivity.

"We are elated to unveil this strategic partnership with RedBeryl, marking a pivotal moment for both companies. Having built and democratized the airport lounge industry, we aim to redefine the luxury experiences industry through the integration of RedBeryl's luxury services with our expertise in travel and lifestyle solutions, ensuring that our members receive unparalleled service and sophistication, said Liberatha Kallat, CMD of DreamFolks. 

Manoj Adlakha, Founder & CEO, RedBeryl said “We are delighted to have this strategic partnership with DreamFolks and unravel more exquisite experiences to customers. The pursuit of luxury is an unwavering celebration of the art of living. It involves meticulously orchestrating every facet to create extraordinary experiences that leave an everlasting impact. With RedBeryl™, and DreamFolks co-branded card, our commitment to continue crafting these exquisite moments, and experiential luxury will unfold in several bounds”.

This partnership aims to provide top-notch luxury experiences to customers worldwide.Through this collaboration, DreamFolks clients will be able to enhance their offerings to customers.

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