Team Rustic Joins Forces with Eva Live: Shaping the Future of Event and IP Landscape

Industry Watch | April 15, 2024 | News

EVA Live Team Rustic

Team Rustic, a prominent event and conference management company, has announced its partnership with Eva Live, a notable entity in the event IP industry. This union involves a strategic investment by Team Rustic in Eva Live, strengthening the agency ecosystem and signaling a significant development in the event landscape. By combining the expertise of two industry leaders, this partnership aims to bring innovation and excellence to the events domain.

Eva Live is recognized for its creation of various IPs, including Asia's Biggest Bollywood Music Project Festival, Windmill Festival for kids, and The Edutainment Show, spanning across Tech, Lifestyle, and Gaming genres. With extensive experience in event production, Eva Live complements Team Rustic's strengths in corporate, branded, and government events. Together, they aspire to deliver unforgettable experiences for consumers, leveraging the expertise of seasoned professionals in the Event IP Industry.

The partnership will see Team Rustic and Eva Live collaborate on executing various events, including festivals, concerts, branded IPs, and government IPs. This collaboration aims to establish a strong presence in the event IP ecosystem while setting new standards for excellence. With a shared vision of delivering exceptional experiences, both entities aim to offer unmatched creativity, scale, and efficiency to clients and audiences alike.

While operating independently, Team Rustic and Eva Live will work together on strategic initiatives to capitalize on the growing Indian IP market and explore potential acquisitions of IPs in the events space. This partnership brings together two industry leaders with different areas of expertise to enhance the event industry by delivering high-quality experiences.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in event planning and curation, promising a future of promising and exciting opportunities in festivals, concerts, and various event avenues.

Vinod Janardhan, Managing Director, Team Rustic said, “We're excited to partner with Eva Live to announce this exhilarating leap forward for Team Rustic. This union is set to redefine what it means to entertain, engage and revolutionise audience experiences with innovation at their fingertips. Eva Live's unmatched expertise elevates in the live events space, merging with our strengths to offer a vast array of standout services together, blending unique strengths to unfold a broader array of services. Our clients will benefit from tailored, innovative solutions that promise captivating, engaging and unforgettable events setting new industry standards - where your vision becomes our masterpiece.”

Deepak Choudhary, Founder & Managing Director, Eva Live stated, “I'm delighted to share that we've joined forces with Team Rustic, a powerhouse in event management. Their deep expertise and extensive resources enable us to craft even more creative and memorable events nationwide. This partnership makes us an indomitable force poised to redefine the event landscape. Our audiences demand excellence, and together, we're set to surpass those expectations at every opportunity. We're eager to explore new horizons and revolutionise the event industry. Let the adventure begin! As we embark on this journey, we promise to not only meet the horizon but to push beyond, crafting experiences that linger long in memory and spirit.”

This collaboration involves a strategic investment by Team Rustic in Eva Live, strengthening the agency ecosystem and signaling a significant development in the event landscape.

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