Pocket Aces unveils the 2nd edition of ‘Power Hour’, discussing ‘The Power of ConTech Marketing’

Industry Watch | April 2, 2024 | News

Pocket Aces Power Hour The Power of ConTech Marketing

Pocket Aces, India’s leading digital entertainment company, returns with its 2nd edition of the video series – ‘Power Hour’ that deep- dives into ‘The Power of ConTech Marketing’ exploring the transformative synergy between content and technology in the media industry.

In the latest episode, guests Ajay Mehta, Chief Content Officer of Mindshare India, and Niraj Ruparel, Head of Emerging Tech at WPP & GroupM India, delve into the dynamic world of ConTech Marketing. From leveraging AI-driven personalization to exploring immersive technologies like AR, VR, and Hyper-Reality, the discussion highlights the ever evolving space of content and marketing strategies.

Ajay Mehta, Chief Content Officer, Mindshare said, “Our constant mission is to innovate and educate our clients. There is a shift in the way we consume content with massive platform & format explosion making attention spans fairly limited. In such a cluttered environment it’s challenging for marketers to find newer ways to engage with consumers and create brand affinity. Content backed by Technology not only helps in enhancing customer experiences but also builds deep engagement & interactivity which makes it a two-way conversation & a far more compelling one.”

Niraj Ruparel, Head of Emerging Tech, WPP & GroupM India said, “In this rapidly evolving landscape, AI serves as a significant problem solver for mankind. With the imminent rise of 5G, our approach to content marketing will evolve, aiming to provide consumers with engaging experiences. The convergence of content and immersive technologies promises to redefine the very essence of consumer engagement."

Aditi Shrivastava, Co-Founder, MD & CEO, Pocket Aces said, "The 2nd edition of Pocket Aces Power Hour aims to highlight the immense opportunities and power of ConTech marketing for brands and marketers. ConTech marketing represents the fusion of innovation and strategy, leveraging technology to revolutionize audience engagement. It's not just about reaching people; it's about deeply resonating with them and crafting experiences that inspire, inform, and influence."

The unique IP series by Pocket Aces gathers influential industry experts to discuss various topics in the media & entertainment industry.

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