HRAWI along with Poona Hoteliers Association concludes ‘Empowering Hospitality’ conclave

Industry Watch | March 28, 2024 | News

HRAWI Poona Hoteliers Association Empowering Hospitality

The Hotel And Restaurant Association (Western India) – HRAWI in conjunction with the Poona Hoteliers Association (PHA) successfully convened a transformative conclave titled 'Empowering Hospitality' on Thursday, March 21, 2024. Held at the Raddison Blu Hotel in Pune, the event saw industry stalwarts gather to explore critical facets of hospitality excellence.

The event, which delved into the heart of hospitality excellence, featured discussions on 'Fire Life Safety Strategies for Hotels' and 'Classification & Industry Status of Hotels'. Noteworthy dignitaries including Devendra Potphode, Chief Fire Officer, Pune and Shama S. Pawar, Deputy Director, Pune through experiences from their respective domains shared valuable insights on the topics for the day.

Distinguished speakers, Hemant Khadse, CEO of East Crop Group, and Subha Bhaskar, COO of Qual Star, shared insights and industry-leading practices.

Pradeep Shetty, President, HRAWI said, “As we witness unprecedented growth and transformation in the tourism sector, it is imperative that we prioritize sustainability and responsibility in our hospitality practices. With projections indicating the industry’s significant contributions to GDP and job creation by 2028, and ambitious targets set for 2047, ensuring fire safety and industry status implementation are paramount. Our upcoming convention in Goa aims to drive growth in a sustainable manner, aligning with India's vision of achieving 100 million tourists by 2047 and a $3 trillion hospitality tourism economy.”

Addressing critical aspects of fire life safety strategies for hotels, Devendra Potphode, accompanied by Hemant Khadse, delved into multifaceted dimensions including fire safety risk assessments, the ramifications of codes and compliances, implementation of passive fire safety measures, meticulous egress planning and the imperative of FLS audits and preventive strategies.

Devendra Potphode, Chief Fire Officer, Pune, said, “The hotel industry plays a pivotal role in our nation's growth. Safety, particularly fire and life safety, is paramount in the hotel sector, shaping its image and ensuring successful operations. Adherence to evolving safety norms, utilization of modern fire-fighting facilities, and staff training are essential. Maharashtra's initiatives, including licensing agencies and compliance with Form A/B, reinforce safety measures. Regular inspections and maintenance of fire-fighting systems are crucial and my team is committed to providing support and assistance for ensuring guest safety.”

Shama S. Pawar in collaboration with Subha Bhaskar navigated participants through the intricacies of hotel classification and industry status. Insights encompassed the advantages of classification and audits, an exploration of States that have accorded industry status to the hospitality sector and the myriad benefits therein.

Shama S. Pawar, Deputy Director, Pune, said, “We applaud HRAWI for their proactive stance on fire safety, a critical aspect of the hospitality sector. Initiatives like these are instrumental in creating a safer environment for guests and employees alike. Furthermore, I commend HRAWI's dedication to advancing industry standards. The policies recently launched by the Directorate of Tourism, such as granting industry status to hospitality and promoting sustainable tourism through initiatives like 'Travel for LIFE,' underscore our commitment to driving positive change in the sector. Together, we strive to create a more sustainable and thriving tourism landscape in Maharashtra.”

The conclave concluded on a high note, reinforcing the commitment of the hospitality industry to excellence, safety and sustainable growth.

Sandeep Talaulicar, Executive Committee Member and Co-Chairman, Seminar and Business Session, HRAWI said, “The conclave was an enriching experience, bringing together industry leaders, policymakers and stakeholders to discuss pivotal issues shaping the future of hospitality. The insightful discussions and collaborative efforts highlight our commitment to promoting excellence and innovation within the hospitality sector. We look forward to building on this momentum, driving positive change and empowering our industry to achieve new heights of success.”

The event, which delved into the heart of hospitality excellence, featured discussions on 'Fire Life Safety Strategies for Hotels' and 'Classification & Industry Status of Hotels'.

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