TYOHAARA Festival wraps up a successful inaugural edition in Maval, Maharashtra

Entertainment | March 11, 2024 | News


Maharashtra's first Outdoor Cultural Art Festival, TYOHAARA, concluded its inaugural edition from February 16 to 18, 2024, in the picturesque land of the Mavalas, Maval, Maharashtra. The festival attracted a diverse crowd of 200 people, including artists, workshop facilitators, DJs, volunteers and attendees from all corners of the country.

With a diverse range of stunning artists like Abhanga Repost, Boombay Djembe Folas, Manish Future, Sadhwi Majumder, IndieFlow- Jacobeh and Serena Beri, NME, Rutuja Junarkar, Deep Das and Harsh Improper, Garjana Dhol Tasha Pathak. 

Bringing the flavours of Maharashtra with Workshops like Dapostar, Movement, Graffiti, Self-Defense, Staff Flow, and more. Under the starry skies, immersed in nature, the attendees shared their love for Bollywood by watching a Movie Screening, celebrating one of the Biggest film industries in the world and taking pride in its origin and glory. 

TYOHAARA, curated by artists for artists, was an extraordinary celebration of the fusion of the new age with the old age of Maharashtra. The festival emphasized community, belonging, connection, creation, participation, exploration, celebration, self-development, and well-being, creating a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere for all participants. The festival's success underscores Maharashtra's pride in its roots while embracing the opportunities and challenges of the modern world, setting a precedent for future cultural endeavors.

Key Highlights of TYOHAARA Festival:

Cultural Fusion: TYOHAARA showcased a harmonious blend of contemporary and traditional art forms, cuisine, attire, and music, promoting a deep appreciation for Maharashtra's rich cultural heritage.

Community Engagement: The festival provided a platform for individuals to come together, collaborate, and celebrate shared cultural experiences, fostering meaningful interactions and strengthening interpersonal connections among participants.

Artistic Empowerment: By curating the festival for artists, by artists, TYOHAARA empowered and supported local and emerging talents, encouraging self-development and artistic growth within the community.

Well-being Focus: TYOHAARA integrated elements of self-development, exploration, and celebration to nurture attendees' physical, mental, and emotional well-being, offering a rejuvenating and fulfilling experience for all.

Environmental Consciousness: The festival promoted environmental responsibility and mindfulness, inspiring a deeper connection with nature and fostering sustainability.

Festival Curators said, "We are thrilled with the success of TYOHAARA's inaugural edition. Our vision was to create a culturally rich, inclusive, and environmentally conscious space that celebrates the essence of modern Maharashtra. We are grateful to all the artists, attendees, and supporters who made this vision a reality. TYOHAARA is just the beginning of a journey to promote art, culture, and community in Maharashtra."

The festival attracted a diverse crowd of 200 people, including artists, workshop facilitators, DJs, volunteers and attendees from all corners of the country.

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