Nikon India along with WWF- India announces its maiden Wildlife contest - ‘Wonders of the Wild’

Industry Watch | February 15, 2024 | News

Nikon India WWF- India Wildlife Contest Wonders of the Wild

Nikon India is thrilled to announce the launch of the first season of its ‘Wonders of the Wild’ photography and videography contest in collaboration with the Worldwide Fund for Nature -India (WWF-India). The contest aims to recognise and reward the acumen of Wildlife photographers and videographers in India who are passionate about capturing some of the breathtaking moments of flora & fauna through their lenses. The ongoing one-and-a-half-month-long contest is open to wildlife photographers and videographers across India till March 3, 2024.

The contest has been introduced with the primary objective of inspiring both videographers and photographers dedicated to wildlife and nature to unleash their creativity and visual storytelling prowess and capture the vibrance of Indian Wildlife.

Sajjan Kumar, Managing Director, Nikon India said, “India is recognized as a natural sanctuary for an array of wildlife, offering photographers and videographers an ideal canvas to showcase their talent on a global scale. Our newest endeavour, the 'Wonders of the Wild', exemplifies our steadfast dedication, bolstered by our extensive array of top-tier lenses and Mirrorless cameras designed for wildlife photographers & videographers. We are confident that this contest will not only serve as a platform for budding shutterbugs to exhibit their expertise and enthusiasm in capturing the splendor of India's wildlife but at the same time will serve as a reminder for the conservation of this planet’s exquisite flora and fauna.”

Kaveri Jain, Director Marketing & Communications, WWF-India said, “Capturing moments in the wild is an art that requires unparalleled passion, discipline and talent. It also plays a significant role in raising public awareness about India’s rich biodiversity and inspiring its conservation. We applaud Nikon India’s initiative of rewarding wildlife photographers and videographers who have perfected this art. We are proud to partner with their ‘Wonders of the Wild’ contest and award the winners some of our best conservation products from the WWF-India Nature Store. We look forward to seeing some fantastic photos and videos, which is always an inspiration.”

The top entries of this contest will be evaluated by a distinguished panel of renowned wildlife videographers and photographers such as Shaaz Jung - aka big cat specialist, Nikon Z Ambassador, Director of Photography for the National Geographic feature film titled ‘The Real Black Panther’. Second on the Jury panel is the ‘The Tiger Princess of India’ – a title bestowed to a renowned Wildlife photographer, Wildlife conservationist, and Nikon Creator, Latika Nath. The third jury member of the contest, Kallol Mukherjee, a distinguished Nikon creator and acclaimed wildlife photographer with multiple awards to his credit.

The contest aims to recognise & reward the acumen of Wildlife photographers & videographers who are passionate about capturing some of the breathtaking moments of flora & fauna through their lenses.

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