Kunal Rawal brings in the Chinese New Year featuring Hakkasan’s Signature Flavours

Industry Watch | February 9, 2024 | News

Kunal Rawal Hakkasan’s Signature Flavours

As the Lunar New Year draws near, Hakkasan, known for its mastery of modern Cantonese cuisine, proudly announces an exciting collaboration with the celebrated fashion designer Kunal Rawal. From his contemporary Indian luxury label, Rawal brings a touch of sophistication and flair to Hakkasan, marking a celebration of the Year of the Dragon.

The bond between Hakkasan and Kunal Rawal is more than a mere partnership; it's a meeting of kindred spirits rooted in a shared appreciation for elegance and refinement. Hakkasan, a long-time favourite of Rawal, resonates with his personality, making this collaboration a natural fit. With the Year of the Dragon on the horizon, both entities unite to craft an immersive dining experience where culinary artistry meets fashion and design.

Within the confines of Hakkasan, guests are greeted with a blend of hues and designs that evoke creativity, strength, and good luck—the very essence of the Year of the Dragon. Rawal's touch is evident in every detail, from bespoke table mats featuring his signature designs to wall decor inspired by the mythical dragon.

Rawal's interpretation of the dragon adds a touch of mystique and charm to Hakkasan, with textures, hues, and motifs paying homage to this revered creature. It's a subtle yet poignant tribute to the spirit of the Lunar New Year and its symbolic significance, reflecting both Rawal's artistic vision and Hakkasan's cultural resonance.

Kunal Rawal expresses his excitement, saying, “My relationship with Hakkasan dates back to my college days in London when my parents would visit me at university and then take me out for the best meals of my life. Everything about Hakkasan, from the innovative and classic dishes to the presentation and flavour spectrum has always made me appreciate the handmade luxury they offer.”

Rawal's reputation for elegance shines through in his designs, which are renowned for their non-conformist and multi-functional approach. This essence of refinement and versatility permeates every aspect of the collaboration, adding an extra layer of allure to the dining experience at Hakkasan.

Udai Pinnali, CEO of Aditya Birla New Age Hospitality, shares insights into the collaboration, saying, "Hakkasan's Chinese New Year festivities have garnered global acclaim over the years. Embracing the Year of the Dragon, symbolizing power and new beginnings, we are excited to unveil our partnership with India's renowned fashion designer, Kunal Rawal. Together, we have meticulously crafted a limited edition à la carte menu that encapsulates the essence of the Dragon alongside Kunal Rawal's charismatic flair. Our carefully curated food and cocktails menu, crafted by Executive Chefs from Hakkasan establishments worldwide, showcases auspicious ingredients and flavours inspired by the Chinese zodiac animal. From delectable poultry, lamb, and seafood dishes to enticing vegetarian options, each item embodies the spirit of the Dragon and reflects the culinary finesse of Hakkasan. Transforming the restaurant into a festive haven, vibrant decorations inspired by Chinese New Year's dragon symbolism and Kunal Rawal's elegant designs adorn the space. We eagerly anticipate our guests immersing themselves in the celebratory ambience of Hakkasan."

From his contemporary Indian luxury label, Rawal brings a touch of sophistication and flair to Hakkasan, marking a celebration of the Year of the Dragon.

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