Bridging Cultures, Uniting Hearts: Bahrain, A Premier Global Wedding Destination

Weddings | February 8, 2024 | News

Bahrain Wedding Destination Bahrain Tourism & Exhibitions

Bahrain sets its sights on becoming a premier global destination for weddings, showcasing the enchanting allure of its historic landscapes, appealing venues, and rich cultural experiences. Talking about the strategy, Dr. Ali Hassan Follad, Advisor – Bahrain Tourism & Exhibitions said, “We have come up with a roadmap and started connecting with the stakeholders. We have also started to work on our website and several such developments.”

According to him, things have started to progress in the wedding segment. Ali Hassan sees a positive growth for this segment, where arriving numbers recorded from 300, 500, 1000, to 1500, in the past years, and in addition hosting the Ambanis also contributed significantly. Ali claims, “For any project, we go step by step. Successfully delivering such big fat weddings is not easy, and we did it. Business is what is coming and going, but the relationship, the friendship is what remains, and in that aspect, we are very successful. The biggest wedding that we have hosted till now internationally is when we hosted 1400 people. As soon as our guests come to Bahrain, they feel like home.”

In 2017, Follad reveals to have started with two weddings, the next year the number stood to 8, and post pandemic in 2021 it stood at 18 weddings. In 2023, the figure stood at over 30 and altogether over 45,000 guests came from India or are of India origin. Follad mentions that the guests remain curious on how the team manages to accomplish such weddings. “The ‘What If’ factor of marketing is the most powerful marketing tool for us, as we work hand in hand with the family and curate personalized services to make their weddings memorable. The level of services we offer no one else can offer. In a short span of time, Bahrain has been able to capture a good share of the Indian weddings market.”, mentions Follad.

Currently, Bahrain offers 25+ venues for weddings, comprising of both big and small ones. Indians mostly love properties that have access to the beaches, and some a dedicated portion also likes to have weddings at the city properties. Bahrain aims at catering to all segments, giving them a diverse set of options.

Talking about the ease of doing weddings in Bahrain, Follad mentions, “Regarding the air ticket side, we have 8 cities in India from where we have direct flights. We have Gulf Air our national carrier, through which we can offer two options, either by scheduling flights or charter flights. And the price that Gulf Air charter flight offers can not only be accommodated by Mr. Ambani, but also for people like us can go for it. We also have special arrangements and facilities for the wedding planners and guests, as we try to minimize the cost of the guests as much as we can.”

With regards to closely working the wedding planners and trade arena, Bahrain is planning to host FAM tours in 2024. Also, Bahrain is targeting to showcase its presence through participation in 2-3 shows. “India is not just about Delhi and Mumbai, we need to also stretch towards the Southern region, but the name is there.” concludes Follad.

Indians love properties that have access to beaches & a few like to have weddings at the city, therefore Bahrain with 25+ venues for weddings caters to all segments, giving a diverse set of options.

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