Dive into the vibrant world of Vincent Van Gogh’s art with 'Real Van Gogh Immersive Experience'

Entertainment | February 6, 2024 | News

Vincent Van Gogh Real Van Gogh Immersive Experience The Silly Fellows Nikhil Chinapa Chennai

Considered to be one of the most influential figures in the history of Western art, Dutch Post-Impressionist master Vincent van Gogh is also a popular choice for modern, immersive exhibitions where technology meets art. While his 2,100 artworks are scattered round the globe in museums and private collections, immersive experiences that turn the walls and floors of an exhibition space into a kind of van Gogh dream world have popped up around the world from New York to New Delhi, from Chicago and now in Chennai. The Real Van Gogh Immersive Experience is currently on display at Express Avenue Mall in Chennai till March 17, 2024.

The Real Van Gogh Immersive Experience brings out the colours and emotions of the Dutch master’s paintings via an unparalleled visual spectacle, boasting India’s first 22K lumen projection and largest screens in India, and a specially created music score by Mitch de Klein that breathes new life into van Gogh’s timeless masterpieces.

The exhibit is scheduled to travel from Chennai to Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkata, and other Tier I cities, providing a unique opportunity for art enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the beauty of van Gogh's masterpieces in a way never seen before.

The Real Van Gogh Immersive Experience 2024 in Chennai

Presented by The Silly Fellows in collaboration with creative entrepreneur Nikhil Chinapa – who also serves as the official curator and brand ambassador for the exhibit – the first edition of the Real Van Gogh Immersive Experience 2024 kicked off in Chennai on February 2 with a specially-curated line-up of 70 visually captivating pieces from van Gogh’s extraordinary collection of artworks including Starry Night, Sunflowers, Wheatfield with Crows, Irises, illuminating every brushstroke and color with never-before-seen clarity.

Expressing his excitement on the experience, Nikhil Chinapa said, “Immersive experiences like The Real Van Gogh Immersive Experience are instrumental in democratizing art and making it accessible to a wider audience. I believe that this experience will be a game-changer and trendsetter for the Indian art scene, igniting a renewed passion for art appreciation and consumption.”

Sharan John, Co-Founder, The Silly Fellow said, "In a world where our local audience’s taste has been shaped by global cultural experiences, we’re flipping the script. This isn't just about art; it's a bold move to redefine cultural experiences in our own backyard, giving every doorstep a front-row seat to the avant-garde of today’s creative narrative.”

The content for this captivating showcase was meticulously crafted over a span of three months, ensuring a rich and engaging experience for visitors. The 30-minute journey through the exhibition unfolds across four carefully curated spaces, each designed to offer a distinct facet of the artist’s work.

The Education Room serves as an informative and insightful introduction, providing context and background to van Gogh’s life and artistic journey. The first room in the experience, it takes visitors through the tapestry of his work and life.

The Infinity Room, as the name suggests, is an expansive space where visitors find themselves in an immersive and awe-inspiring environment. The Immersive Room transports attendees deeper into the world of Vincent van Gogh. Dynamic projections and sensory elements enhance the connection between the audience and the artist's creations.

After the immersive journey, visitors can explore The Merchandise Store, where they can take home souvenirs and mementos related to the exhibition. Finally, the experience concludes with an Art Themed Cafe, providing a space for reflection and relaxation, allowing attendees to unwind and discuss their impressions of the exhibition over a special van Gogh-inspired menu.

Exhibits like The Real Van Gogh Immersive Experience reflect a growing appetite for immersive and culturally enriching events, solidifying its place as a must-see, Instagram-friendly spectacle for the 21st century consumer.

Presented by The Silly Fellows and music entrepreneur Nikhil Chinapa, witness India's first 22k lumen projection showcasing 70 mesmerizing masterpieces.

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