Jairangam Fringes Theatre Festival: A Celebration of Global Performing Arts, Creativity & Culture

Entertainment | January 25, 2024 | News

Jairangam Fringes Theatre Festival

The vibrant city of Mumbai is set to host Jairangam Fringes Theatre Festival, showcasing remarkable talent and creativity from the world of performing arts. This eagerly anticipated event will take place at Veda Kunba Theatre on January 25 and 26.

The festival aims to provide a platform for artists to engage with theatre enthusiasts, fostering a love for theatre and promoting cultural exchange. Organized by 3M Dot Bands and Supported by The Ministry of Art and Culture, Government of India, Jairangam Fringes Theatre Festival promises to be an exciting experience, leaving audiences captivated and inspired. 

Ruchi Bhargava, Curator, Jairangam Fringes Theatre Festival said, “The highlight of the festival will be a captivating chat show featuring renowned theatre personalities and artists from various walks of life. Audiences will have the unique opportunity to interact with these individuals, gaining insights into their creative processes and experiences. The chat show will delve deep into the world of theatre, discussing its influence and significance of women in today's society. This segment of the festival aims to spark intellectual conversations and encourage an appreciation for the theatrical arts.

In addition to the enlightening chat show, the festival will also feature two engaging plays that will leave audiences mesmerized. These carefully curated productions will showcase the best of Indian theatre, taking spectators on an emotional journey filled with laughter, tears, and thought-provoking moments. From gripping dramas to light-hearted comedies, the plays promise to offer a diverse range of genres that will resonate with a wide audience.

Mann Gera, Programmer, Jairangam Fringes Theatre Festival said, “The festival offers a fantastic opportunity for theatre lovers to immerse themselves in the world of performing arts. It serves as a platform for established and emerging artists alike to showcase their talent and captivate audiences with their performances. The festival's lineup promises to be a memorable experience, providing entertainment and intellectual stimulation for everyone in attendance.” 

With Mumbai being the epicenter of India's vibrant entertainment industry, it is only fitting that such a theatrical event takes place in this bustling city. The festival aims to attract theatre enthusiasts, students, industry professionals, and art lovers from all walks of life. It will serve as a melting pot of creativity, fostering networking opportunities and inspiring collaborations within the theatre community.

Scheduled to be held on January 25 & 26, The festival aims to provide a platform for artists to engage with theatre enthusiasts, fostering a love for theatre and promoting cultural exchange.

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