Deepali Designs & Exhibitions Orchestrates the Grand Mahalaxmi Saras Exhibition at BKC Mumbai

Industry Watch | January 11, 2024 | Feature

Deepali Designs & Exhibits Mahalaxmi Saras 2023-24 NABARD

In a celebration of India's rich cultural heritage, Deepali Designs and Exhibitions successfully organized and curated the Mahalaxmi Saras Exhibition 2023-24 at the prestigious Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) in Mumbai. This event, now in its 19th edition, serves as a testament to the commitment of showcasing the diverse and exquisite artistry from across the country, empowering artisans and rural women entrepreneurs in the process.

The exhibition, organized in collaboration with the Umed-Maharashtra State Livelihoods Mission, featured a spectacular array of stalls totaling 511, showcasing India's textiles, handlooms, handicrafts, and various forms of artistic expression. Beyond being a mere exhibition, Mahalaxmi Saras stands as a significant platform for Self Help Groups (SHGs), particularly highlighting the entrepreneurship of rural women. These groups presented an extensive range of products, including unique food items, within a dedicated food court that displayed the culinary diversity from different corners of India.

The esteemed National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) extends its generous support to numerous skilled artisans hailing from diverse corners of the country, enabling them to showcase their exquisite creations at this highly anticipated event. The ceremonial inauguration was conducted by the Honourable Minister of Rural Development & Panchayat Raj of Maharashtra, Girish Mahajan, who graced the occasion with the presence of distinguished guests.

Addressing the assembly, Minister Mahajan articulated that the endeavors of the government are singularly directed towards establishing a conducive marketplace for the wares crafted by Self Help Groups in rural domains. The ultimate goal is to empower every woman economically through this concerted initiative. He expounded that the venerable 'Mahalakshmi Saras' exhibition, a tradition dating back to 2004, has been meticulously orchestrated in Mumbai under the aegis of the Village Development Department.

Furthermore, Minister Mahajan underscored that on a national scale, comprehensive sales and exhibition initiatives are meticulously orchestrated across every state. He reiterated that the primary objective of the 'Mahalakshmi Saras' exhibition is to furnish an equitable marketplace for the wares meticulously crafted by women and rural artisans belonging to self-help groups, both at the national and state levels. Additionally, the exhibition serves as a platform to enlighten group members about diverse products, sales strategies, and markets prevalent in different states. It aims to facilitate a cross-cultural exchange by sharing insights into the distinctive lifestyles, culinary traditions, and artisanal crafts of the inhabitants of the state. 

Deepali Designs and Exhibitions, as the driving force behind this grand exhibition, played a crucial role in ensuring the seamless execution of the event. They were involved in various tasks such as erecting multiple large temporary overlays, installing German Hangars, air conditioning the tents, setting up live food kitchens with 70 different types of food stalls, organizing cultural programs every evening, and arranging for Sunidhi Chauhan's power-packed performance at the closing ceremony on January 7, 2024. Their dedication to promoting art, culture, and entrepreneurship was evident in the meticulous curation of stalls and the overall management of Mahalaxmi Saras.

As the curtains draw on the 19th edition of Mahalaxmi Saras, the echoes of its success reverberate, not just in the halls of BKC but in the hearts of artisans and entrepreneurs whose talents found a spotlight in this celebration of India's cultural heritage. The event stands as a shining example of how private enterprises, like Deepali Designs and Exhibitions, can collaborate with government initiatives to create a platform that bridges the gap between tradition and modernity, rural and urban, showcasing the best of India's artistic legacy.

This event, now in its 19th edition, serves as a testament to the commitment of showcasing the diverse & exquisite artistry, empowering artisans & rural women entrepreneurs in the process.

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