Frolic Fields Unveils a Weekend of Laughter & Learning for Mumbai's Kids & Families

Entertainment | January 10, 2024 | Feature

Frolic Fields

Attention families and kids! Get ready for an unforgettable start to the New Year with a joyous splash at Frolic Fields in Juhu, Mumbai, on the 10th and 11th of February 2024. This destination promises endless excitement for kids and adults alike, featuring a vibrant flea market, delicious food, a host of workshops, family-friendly fun, and an array of activities specially designed for children to engage and enjoy! Frolic Fields, formerly known as the SAMA Fest, promises to infuse Mumbai's social scene with a breath of fresh air.

The excitement doesn't stop there! Frolic Fields unfolds a magical journey that transcends the ordinary festival experience. With an emphasis on interactive engagement and shared learning, families can look forward to a weekend filled with laughter, exploration, and the joy of being together. 

Attendees will be engaged through events such as:

  • Curated Science Experiments where children get to explore technology and experience hands-on learning.
  • Nature Focused Gardening Activities and hands-on Sustainability initiatives that will be carried out to instil a sense of environmental awareness and responsibility.
  • Little chefs can embark on a Culinary Journey through the interactive cooking sessions.
  • There will also be diverse workshops which cover Storytelling Sessions to foster an immersive experience which provides a great opportunity for parents and children to bond. 

Frolic Fields isn't just a one-time gathering; it's a recurring platform for families to come together and learn, allowing attendees to connect with performers and like-minded families, fostering a stronger sense of community.

Neha Goenka Shroff and Seema Kazi Rangnekar of Frolic Fields share, “At Frolic Fields, we believe in creating more than just an event; we wish to envelop a kaleidoscopic celebration of family bonds and shared moments. Our vision is to rekindle joy, learning, and togetherness, making every experience a treasure for kids and parents. We are excited for enthusiastic participants to join us in this magical journey as we redefine family fun in Mumbai and go beyond the ordinary, one enchanting event at a time."

Embrace the New Year's magic with heartwarming moments, new friendships, and lively entertainment. And that's not all—fulfil every wish on your shopping list under one roof, making it truly every parent's dream come true! The perfect celebration awaits!

Frolic Fields promises endless excitement, featuring a vibrant flea market, delicious food, workshops, family-friendly fun & an array of activities specially designed for children to engage & enjoy!

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