Harindra Singh announces ‘My Last Sunburn Goa’: Reflects on 17 Years of the Music Festival's triumph

Industry Watch | January 8, 2024 | News

Harindra Singh Percept

In the world of electronic dance music (EDM) festivals, Sunburn has been a prominent force, captivating audiences with pulsating beats and unforgettable experiences since its inception in 2007. Recently, Harindra Singh, the Chairman & Managing Director of Percept and the visionary behind Sunburn Festival, announced “My Last Sunburn Goa, Dec 2023. The journey ends.”

With the conclusion of the 2023 edition in Goa, Singh takes a moment to reflect on the journey that has shaped the festival and left an indelible mark on the global music scene.

Over the past 17 years, Singh played a pivotal role in Sunburn's growth, transforming it into Asia's largest music festival and securing the No. 10 spot in the global music festival rankings for 2022-23. The festival, synonymous with EDM culture, stands as a testament to Singh's dedication to excellence.

Expressing Gratitude, Singh extends heartfelt thanks to various stakeholders who contributed to Sunburn Goa's success, from government authorities and the bureaucracy to the judiciary, local communities, politicians, friends, and loyal fans across the country. His appreciation acknowledges the collective effort that shaped Sunburn Goa into a cultural phenomenon.

Recognizing it as a team effort, Singh credits the collaborative work of a dedicated team that worked behind the scenes. Individuals like Shailendra, Manuj, Devraj, Aditya, Aman, and others, both past and present, contributed to the festival's growth and evolution. Singh expresses gratitude to each member, recognizing their passion and commitment to Sunburn Goa.

As Singh bid adieu to Sunburn Goa, he thanked Karan Singh and his team who takes over and here onwards takes Sunburn into the future, symbolizing continuity and a commitment to carrying forward the legacy. The announcement and transition represents a new chapter for Sunburn Goa, and anticipation builds for upcoming developments.

In his emotional farewell to Sunburn Goa Singh admits to mixed feelings of contentment and sadness as he lets go of something significant. Sunburn Goa holds a special place in his heart. Despite the emotional toll, Singh takes pride in Sunburn Goa's growth into Asia's largest EDM festival, avoiding unnecessary exaggerations.

Started as a three-day music festival in Goa, Sunburn has evolved into an aspirational lifestyle brand, bringing together international and Indian artists, entertaining dance music lovers, and positioning India as a dance festival destination. Sunburn has become a massive aspirational youth brand, spanning various ventures.

Harindra Singh’s legacy to Sunburn Goa remains etched in the festival's history. Sunburn, as more than just a music festival, is a cultural phenomenon, a celebration of music and unity. As Sunburn Goa continues under new leadership, Singh's vision and dedication will resonate in the beats that echo through the years of Sunburn's existence.

Harindra Singh, the Chairman & Managing Director of Percept and the visionary behind Sunburn Festival, announced “My Last Sunburn Goa, Dec 2023. The journey ends.”

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