CEAT Indian Supercross Racing League 2024 roars to life with High-Stakes Rider Auction in Pune

Industry Watch | December 28, 2023 | News

CEAT Indian Supercross Racing League

The CEAT Indian Supercross Racing League 2024 has announced the roster for its upcoming rider auction in Pune on January 7, 2024. CEAT ISRL is the world's first Supercross series that transcends geographical boundaries, attracting champion riders to showcase their talent and etch their names on the global best chart. The league is extending a unique opportunity for brands to be part of the high-octane excitement of off-road racing during its inaugural season.

The auction pool will feature a total of 104 riders, including 73 international racers slated to race in India for the first time and 31 Indian riders. Each team is allowed up to 2 riders per category, with a maximum of 48 slots available. The cumulative auction kitty in the Mega Rider Auction for season one totals INR 6 Cr, marking a significant milestone. 

Eeshan Lokhande, Director & Co-Founder, CEAT ISRL said, “The league's decision to host a rider auction signifies its commitment to transparency and accountability in its recruitment process. This move will undoubtedly enhance the league's credibility and promote a fair and level playing field for all participants and franchise owners.”

The franchises are gearing up for Season One, which promises to be a spectacle of speed and skill. Six teams are preparing to compete against each other in a thrilling display of racing prowess. BigRock Motorsport, led by CS Santosh, India's rally-raid champion, is poised to make a monumental push for aspiring riders.

As the inaugural season approaches, now is the opportune moment for brands to join this revolutionary motorsport journey. ISRL invites brands from various industries to explore this exciting opportunity and become an intrinsic part of the off-road racing community in India with the growing supercross movement. Recognising the transformative power of brand collaboration,

Eeshan Lokhande further added, “The unveiling of branding opportunities further underlines the league's desire to forge long-lasting partnerships with businesses that share its vision for growth and success. This represents an excellent opportunity for brands looking to make a mark in motorsports and gain exposure to a broader audience."

CEAT ISRL Season One will host an impressive line-up of international champions and rising Indian stars. The championship will feature four exhilarating categories – 450cc international riders, 250cc international riders, 250cc India-Asia mix, and the fiercely competitive 85cc junior class. As the world's best riders converge in India, the series will serve as the ultimate proving ground for global Supercross supremacy.

The league is extending a unique opportunity for brands to be part of the high-octane excitement of off-road racing during its inaugural season.

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