Freebird Music Festival Soars to New Heights with Unforgettable Performances!

Entertainment | December 19, 2023 | News

Freebird Music Festival Esque Entertainment Lazy Kick Events

The Freebird Music Festival, presented by Imperial Blue and curated by Esque Entertainment, reached unparalleled heights as it unfolded a musical extravaganza at Greenwood Resort on December 9 and 10. The collaborative forces of Esque Entertainment and Lazy Kick Events, headed by Sagar Kumar and Sahil Hussain respectively, came together to create a three-night celebration that redefined entertainment in Guwahati.

The inaugural day on December 9 kicked off with a pre-flight event, featuring the year's finest Anime/Japanese cultural showcase and an epic Battle of Bands. The Greenwood Resort buzzed with excitement as the audience immersed themselves in the unique fusion of music and culture.

The lineup on the first day included stellar performances by KRSNA, WHEN CHAI MET TOAST, SHANKURAJ KONWAR, and LADY MIDDAY. KRSNA radiated sheer joy as he delivered an exceptionally energetic performance, captivating the audience with his mesmerising songs. The crowd enthusiastically joined in, chanting along to most of his tunes, creating an electric atmosphere. A remarkable 3,000 enthusiastic attendees were drawn by KRSNA's magnetic presence, and an additional 7,000-plus audience members swayed to the beats during FARHAN's captivating performance. The synergy between the artist and the crowd created an unforgettable experience, marking the event as a resounding success.

The following day, December 10, witnessed an electrifying encore with performances by FARHAN AKHTAR, SUZONN, NEEL AKASH, RAIN IN SAHARA, and CLOUD COLLECTIVE. The audience was treated to a mesmerising display of musical prowess that transcended genres. The highlight of the night was Farhan Akhtar receiving a remarkable apparel gift from an enthusiastic member of the audience, showcasing the deep connection between the artists and their fans.

Sagar Kumar, CEO, Esque Entertainment said, “At Esque Entertainment, our goal is to curate experiences that transcend the ordinary. The Freebird Music Festival was a testament to the power of music and cultural diversity. We aimed to create not just an event but an unforgettable journey, and the overwhelming response from the audience is a testament to the success of that vision."

Farhan Akhtar, Actor, Singer, said, "Freebird Music Festival is more than just a performance; it's a celebration of music, culture, and the incredible energy of the audience. Guwahati, you were electric! Thank you, What an incredible night! Freebird Music Festival, you've set the bar high for festivals that celebrate diversity and talent. The energy from the audience was infectious, and we can't wait to be back."

The synergy between the artist and the crowd created an unforgettable experience, marking the event as a resounding success.

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