Mukti Mohan and Kunal Thakur's Perfectly Planned Mumbai Wedding

Weddings | December 15, 2023 | News

Mukti Mohan Kunal Thakur

In a dazzling ceremony in Mumbai, actors Mukti Mohan and Kunal Thakur tied the knot, creating beautiful memories in a celebration planned to perfection on 9 December. The lavish celebration was executed by UNA VIDA WEDDINGS, adorned with decor by Lateral Events, and hospitality by DS Wedding. The moments were captured by MIH by Crossover, and the evening was brought to life by Bharti Singh and Himani Singh as anchors. 

Joined by guests like Kapil Sharma and AR Rahman, added a star-studded touch to the festivities. Mukti's sisters, Shakti and Neeti, curated a special performance, infusing the celebration with nostalgia and familial love.

Social media glimpses shared by Mukti showcased the beauty of wedding preparations, with heartfelt captions expressing gratitude for divine connections. Grateful for the last three months of preparation, Mukti expressed her thanks for the support received from all involved. 

Mukti Mohan and Kunal Thakur's wedding was a simple yet joyous affair, marked by love, family, and shared moments. 

UNA VIDA WEDDINGS curated the lavish celebration with décor by Lateral Events, DS Wedding handled hospitality, and MIH by Crossover captured the wedding moments.

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