Trinity Entertainment & Strategic Consultants to produce Piyush Mishra debut US tour Ballimaaraan

Industry Watch | December 11, 2023 | News

Trinity Entertainment & Strategic Consultants Ballimaaraan by Piyush Mishra

Riding high on the success of their stellar work at Nykaaland, Trinity Entertainment & Strategic Consultants are on to their next big project - Piyush Mishra’s debut US tour – Ballimaaraan! The Aarambh tour is slated to hit 12 cities across the US, featuring the lyricist, actor, writer and vocalist. The tour will kick off on 28 January  2024, in Washington, followed by multiple stops across various cities, including Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, San Jose, Dallas, and New Jersey with more cities going to be added soon.

'Ballimaaraan: The Piyush Mishra Project’ is a musical collective that defies traditional genre boundaries and time constraints, weaving together a unique auditory experience. Mishra’s ensemble has evocative narratives, diverse musical compositions, and spellbinding live presentations. With a fusion of innovative sounds and profound storytelling, Ballimaaraan dabbles in the landscape of contemporary music and performance arts. The band’s genre-bending music is a fusion of retro with contemporary tunes and has a youthful, rebellious vibe.

Speaking about collaborating with team Trinity, Piyush Mishra said, “I’m glad to have found a partner in Trinity Entertainment & Strategic Consultants for producing the first US tour of my show Ballimaaraan. Team Trinity is crafting the stage for me and my band members across 12 cities to create a novel experience for my audiences. I’m eagerly looking forward to this journey and many more exciting things in pipeline with them!”
Commenting on the project, Fahad Chowdhary - Director - Trinity, said, “We are extremely excited to be working Ballimaaran. An IP has multiple facets and we work as an extension of our clients’ team and fill any gaps with our in-house experts who can design, execute, manage, run, service the clients’ partners and help make their idea sellable. We just try to make their life a little easy in any and every way possible. We take pride in being the only B2B service provider for IPs encompassing the whole gambit of services ensuring your intellectual property transforms into intellectual reality.”

Fahad Chowdhary - Director - Trinity, is the man behind the marvellous experiential/spatial design of multiple mega projects handled by Trinity, including Nykaaland's debut edition that was held a few weeks ago. For the uninitiated, Nykaaland showcased 80 local and international brands, encouraging attendees to engage with their products. The experiential, spatial design for the mega event was conceptualised and executed by Trinity Entertainment & Strategic Consultants.



For Ballimaaraan, Trinity Entertainment & Strategic Consultants will be crafting the stage for Piyush Mishra and band members across 12 US cities to create a novel experience for the audiences

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