Deepali Sports Illuminates Innovation & Excellence as Partners to the CII Scorecard Sporting Summit

Industry Watch | December 13, 2023 | Feature

Deepali Designs and Exhibits CII - Confederation of Indian Industry CII Scorecard 2023

CII (Confederation of Indian Industry), hosted CII Scorecard 2023 on December 4, 2023 at Hotel Hyatt Regency in New Delhi. ScoreCard is a CII Annual Flagship conference on Sports for growth and development of the sports sector. Like other CII flagship events, this is positioned to bring industry stakeholders together to deliberate upon the most suitable directions and actions for boosting sports in India. This conference on Sports brings together both National as well as Global leaders from the World of Sports to deliberate on policy making as well as various key issues of the sector to transform India into a Sporting powerhouse. 

Deepali Designs and Exhibits, a trailblazer in the event industry, proudly partnered CII Scorecard 2023, showcasing their commitment to excellence and innovation. Powered by several factors - including a dedicated R&D division that explores innovative and transformational material usage, immense application of mind in planning process, unimaginable hard work, thorough technical know-how and great execution capabilities, they have blazed an unbeatable record of delivering products and services relating to events & exhibitions and more specifically in large format flagship sporting events. Some of the recent sporting events undertaken by the firm in 2023 include managing entire overlays as well as games day operations and technicals for the Khelo India Youth Games at Madhya Pradesh, Khelo India University Games at Uttar Pradesh, Khelo state level games at Madhya Pradesh as well as the first ever edition of ongoing Khelo Para Games of India       

Be it a quick Rapid Hospital Setup, or creating an immersive experience for an event or setting up temporary overlays at large format sporting events (hangars / stadiums / bleachers) Deepali Sports is quickly off the mark and delivers unexpected results, with blazing fast turnarounds. They possess the widest range of infrastructure and owned inventory - in the form of their own workshop, an in-house design and execution team and are headquartered in New Delhi with a powerful presence in Mumbai- the commercial and business hub of the country.

Vinay Mittal, Managing Director of Deepali Designs & Exhibits, recently lent his expertise as a panelist in a captivating session 'India's Olympic Trajectory: Paris 2024 Preparation and Event Readiness roadmap for 2036 Olympics ' Along with Vinay the panel featured notable figures in the sports landscape, including Thiru J Meghanath (IAS), Member Secretary, Sports Development Authority, Government of Tamil Nadu; Mukul Choudhari, Head of Sports Excellence Centres at Tata Steel and CEO of Jamshedpur FC; and Gaurav Khanna, the Chief National Coach of the Indian National Para-Badminton team. The session was thoughtfully curated and moderated by noted TV achor Ms Sonali Chander, Head of Sports Content at Sportzworkz.  

This session offers a holistic exploration of India's Olympic journey, blending insights into the meticulous preparations for the Paris 2024 Olympics with a visionary outlook on hosting the 2036 Games. Delve into the strategic planning, policies, and investments driving India's global sports performance enhancements, with a special focus on Para Sportspersons' inclusive infrastructure planning and support mechanisms. Beyond Olympic aspirations, gain perspectives on India's preparedness to host international events, examining factors like infrastructure, security, and sustainability from an event company's viewpoint. The session also sheds light on anticipated government initiatives for para-athletes and underscores the grassroots sports development efforts shaping India's future. Join us in anticipating and celebrating India's sports excellence commitment, from Paris 2024 preparations to the dream of hosting the Olympics in 2036, solidifying India's influential role in the global sports arena.

The highlights of the session included snippets where Mr. Mittal outlined the development of temporary overlays and structures into much more than just plain German hangar setups. He reiterated that as Sports and Sporting ethos becomes a part and parcel of India’s activity chart right from grass root level the requirement of improved and improvised temporary overlays, stadiums and facilities are the need of the hour to foster competitiveness and allow states to host such large format sporting extravaganzas. He spoke about innovations like creating temporary stadiums for games (as evidenced during the opening ceremony of Khelo University Games at Uttar Pradesh) & other innovative solutions like using different forms and shapes like multi peak hangars, translucent overlays, retractable seating systems, shipping containers repurposed as overlays and performance stands, 1+1 level structures all of which could be reutilized at subsequent events. The not only add to the aesthetics of the event but are also cost effective, innovative and practical transformative solutions 

All in all, it was a though provoking session and sports summit and one of the first in a series of steps that will need to be taken by all stakeholders to Indian sport and the Indian Vision of being ready to ‘Host a summer Olympics’ in 2036. 

Like other CII flagship events, Scoreboard is positioned to bring industry stakeholders together to deliberate upon the most suitable directions and actions for boosting sports in India.

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