Esque Entertainment & Lazy Kick Events unveils the Freebird Music Festival: Where Music Meets You

Entertainment | December 4, 2023 | News

Esque Entertainment Lazy Kick Events Freebird Music Festival

Esque Entertainment, founded by the visionary Sagar Kumar, and Lazy Kick Events, founded by Sahil Hussain, has joined forces with Esque Entertainment, adding another layer of expertise to the Freebird Music Festival. This collaboration brings together the creative minds of Sagar Kumar and Sahil Hussain, promising an event that not only redefines entertainment but is set to captivate audiences in Guwahati on December 9 and 10.

Months of dedication and passion have led to the culmination of the hype train for the Freebird Music Festival, a premier musical extravaganza presented by Imperial Blue, where music fans will be music fans, and men will be men. This two-night event promises pure, unadulterated fun, bringing together a lineup of exceptional artists to rock the stage.

Sagar Kumar, Founder, Esque Entertainment said, "At Esque Entertainment, we're not just hosting a festival; we're curating an unforgettable journey where music intertwines with culture. Freebird Music Festival is our expression of passion, uniting diverse voices for three nights of pure, unadulterated musical magic. Join us at Greenwood Resort, where the beats echo the heartbeat of a collective celebration."

The Freebird Music Festival boasts a stellar lineup featuring renowned artists such as Farhan Akhtar, Suzonn, KRISNA, When Chai Met Toast, Shankuraj Konwar, Neel Akash, Cloud Collective, Lady Midday, and Rain in Sahara. These musical maestros are set to create an unforgettable atmosphere at Greenwood Resort.

Day 1 kicks off with a pre-flight day, featuring the year's finest Anime/Japanese cultural event and an epic Battle of Bands, paving the way for the electrifying. Day 2 where the artists will take centre stage, promising an extraordinary fusion of genres and musical styles.

Esque Entertainment welcomes collaborative partners, including the esteemed Greenwood Resort, and extends gratitude to PayTM Insider for exclusively offering tickets to this extraordinary event. Lazy Kick Events, represented by Sahil Hussain, Founder of Lazy Kick Events, joins hands with Esque Entertainment, enhancing the festival experience for all attendees.

The tickets are available on Paytm Insider’s official website.

This collaboration brings together the creative minds of Sagar Kumar & Sahil Hussain, promising an event that redefines entertainment, is set to captivate audiences in Guwahati on December 9 & 10.

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