Impact Communications curated ITC Aashirvaad Maatrashakti Campaign in Kolkata during Durga Puja

Industry Watch | December 1, 2023 | Feature

Impact Communications Aashirvaad Atta Aashirvaad Maatrashakti - Onek roop, onek energy

Aashirvaad Atta, India's No.1 atta brand, aimed to create an innovative campaign tailored specifically for Kolkata during Durga Puja, aligning with their communication theme ‘Eta Amaar Maa’ (She is My Mother). The objective was to portray mothers as embodiments of Maa Durga, seamlessly juggling multiple tasks, with Aashirvaad Atta being their source of energy.

Impact Communications crafted the campaign titled ‘Aashirvaad Maatrashakti - Onek roop, onek energy’, introducing a groundbreaking concept - The Energy Tiles. For the first time in India, these tiles converted energy into tangible energy, which was then stored in batteries. At the Aashirvaad Maatrashakti stall at Bagh Bazaar Pandal, mothers were invited to dance (Dhanuchi dance) on these unique tiles, symbolizing the joy and energy associated with the festive season. To maximize energy collection, the tiles were strategically placed at the pandal entrance, turning every footstep into a contribution.

The energy stored in batteries was harnessed to provide electricity to Malekhaghumti village, addressing the problem of electricity scarcity. Traditionally limited to daylight activities, the village now experienced illuminated Durga Puja nights, bringing vibrancy to the celebration.

In a commitment to sustainability, solar panels were installed, and rechargeable bulbs were distributed to every house in the Malekanghumti village. This initiative not only combined tradition and innovation but also extended the joyous Durga Puja celebration beyond Bagh Bazaar.

With over 50,000 participants engaged in the 6-day campaign at the Aashirvaad Stall, mothers enjoyed interactive games at the Aashirvaad zone. The incorporation of an AI video booth allowed mothers to transform into Dashabhuja Maa Durga, with the captured videos shared on social media platforms. This unique feature enabled people worldwide to create their videos, fostering a sense of community and celebration.

The Aashirvaad Matrashakti campaign seamlessly blended cultural traditions with cutting-edge innovation, exemplifying a harmonious celebration of Durga Puja.

Nidhi Singh, CEO, Impact Communications said, “I congratulate on the successful execution of the innovative Durga Puja campaign for ITC in Kolkata. It's evident that our team's hard work and dedication have paid off. The sense of accomplishment is well-deserved and it reflects the innovative and pioneering spirit of Impact Communications.”

Juhi Gupta, Head-Planning and Strategy, Impact Communications said, “Crafting unique consumer experiences remains a special endeavor in a world where replication is commonplace. ITC (Aashirvaad) entrusted us with a distinctive challenge for their Durga Puja activation and our team stepped up admirably. The primary obstacle revolved around conceiving a campaign that marked a ground-breaking first in India. The success of this initiative fills us with pride and we eagerly anticipate the chance to create numerous more innovative experiences in the times ahead.”

G-Satish, Group Account Director, Impact Communications said, “I am thrilled to share the fantastic news of the successful implementation of our Durga Puja campaign for ITC in Kolkata. The achievement of introducing a campaign that is a first in India fills me with immense pride and a strong sense of accomplishment. This accomplishment reflects our agency's ability to deliver such campaigns and I am confident that it will serve as a catalyst for even more remarkable projects in the future.”

Aashirvaad Atta aimed to create an innovative campaign tailored specifically for Kolkata during Durga Puja, aligning with their communication theme ‘Eta Amaar Maa’ (She is My Mother).

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