Dreamcast Revolutionizes Event Experiences Globally: Event-Tech Stack

Industry Watch | November 30, 2023 | Feature


On a mission to simplify events with technology, Dreamcast stands as a powerful event-tech suite. They are working towards shaping the future of event hosting and management with cutting-edge solutions. Their commitment is to create a better event space for professionals to connect, collaborate, and achieve collective progress.

With a proven track record of assisting over 500+ clients in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, they have emerged as a cornerstone in the entire event lifecycle, providing reliable support and innovative solutions.

Specializing in elevating event experiences across all formats, including in-person, hybrid, and virtual events. Their suite of products is meticulously designed to streamline processes, enhance attendee experiences, and offer organizers valuable insights.

Dreamcast's versatility ensures that each event is tailor-made to align with specific requirements, providing a comprehensive solution for the diverse needs of modern events. Whether you're an event planner, host, organizer, or a global firm hosting events, the commitment remains to delivering more impactful experiences.

Integrated Event-Tech Solutions for a Comprehensive Approach

Dreamcast provides an event-tech stack, offering forward-thinking tech solutions that empower event organizers to; fine-tune events for optimal Return on Investment (ROI) and absolute attendee satisfaction.

Key Offerings:

Registration, Ticketing & Accrade Management: Excelling in event commencement, the platform streamlines both online and on-site registration and ticketing with efficient smart solutions.

Event CRM: A foundational tool during initiation, they offer effective Event CRM to set the stage for smooth communication. Efficiently managing contacts, outlining goals, and coordinating initial strategies, paves the way for a successful event lifecycle.

WhatsApp Automation: Streamlining communication, particularly during the initiation stage of the event, is a strength. The automation feature fosters quick updates, team coordination, and early stakeholder and attendee engagement, ensuring a connected preand post-event experience.

Mobile Event App: Ensure engagement between participants with a Mobile Event App, offering real-time updates, interactive & networking functionalities, and essential information for both virtual and physical attendees.

Phygital Events: The signature offering seamlessly integrates virtual and physical elements. Encompassing Virtual Meetings, Virtual Events & Expo, and Webinars, it ensures a comprehensive and immersive execution of events.

Meeting & Matchmaking Platform: Enhancing networking planning, the Dreamcast optimizes connections for Phygital Events. This feature facilitates meaningful interactions, ensuring valuable connections before, during, and after the event.

Streaming & Content Management: Managing live streams with 360-degree coverage and simultaneous streaming, the platform delivers engaging content during execution. Coupled with multi-language support on a global scale, it ensures a captivating and inclusive event experience.

Event Cashless Systems: Deploying digital cash cards enabled with RFID, NFC, and wristband-based cashless payment enhances convenience for in-person attendees, streamlining transactions and providing a seamless payment experience.

On-Site Solutions: Check-in and badging systems are a vital part of on-site solutions, which include facial recognition and RFID-enabled badges, prioritizing security. Turnstile Access ensures controlled entry, optimizing operations for heightened safety at large-scale events. Hosts can benefit from smooth attendee entry real-time tracking and an overall secure event environment.

Dreamcast, is a globally recognised event tech suite with numerous accolades, attesting to its commitment to cutting-edge technology. Among these accolades are prestigious awards from the Event and Entertainment Management Association (EEMA) and the Spotlight Awards, representing the pinnacle of recognition in the event industry. Furthermore, on a globally recognized peer-to-peer review, it boasts an impressive rating of 4.8 out of 5, a testament to its relentless commitment to excellence.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Dreamcast over the years established a history of reliability and globally became the trusted choice for event innovators seeking cutting-edge event tech tools and solutions. It continued to overreach conventional boundaries, driving collective progress for the Middle East and Southeast Asia event organizers. Take a dive into the comprehensive event-tech stack to revolutionize your approach to hosting exceptional events.

On a mission to simplify events with technology, Dreamcast stands as a powerful event-tech suite, working towards shaping the future of event hosting and management with cutting-edge solutions.

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