Budweiser Raises the Volume: Elevates India's Music Scene with Unparalleled Experiences

Industry Watch | November 16, 2023 | News

Budweiser BudX Uncovered DGTL Echoes of Earth Magnetic Fields

Building on a decade-long legacy of transforming India’s music scene, Budweiser, AB InBev’s global brand, is enhancing its presence at leading music festivals, creating unforgettable moments for festivalgoers. The brand has partnered with iconic Indian and Global music festivals, including DGTL, Echoes of Earth, Magnetic Fields, Boiler Room, and Lollapalooza- disrupting the country's electronic music and hip-hop landscape. At these music experiences the brand will launch ‘BudX Uncovered’, an initiative to spotlight emerging talent & sought-after artists. Budweiser will also offer festival-goers experiences at the intersection of music, art, fashion, and culture, allowing them to engage with the brand more meaningfully.

Commenting on the brand’s initiatives, Vineet Sharma, VP Marketing & Trade Marketing, AB InBev India said, “Music has always been a strong passion point for our consumers, and we are committed to elevating India’s music scene. Over the years, Budweiser has brought to India numerous international IPs like EDC, Sensation, DGTL, Boiler Room and Lollapalooza, partnered with homegrown festivals like VH1 Supersonic, Echoes of Earth and Magnetic Fields, and created our very own music platform ‘BudX’. These collaborations aren’t just about providing artists a stage; they’re about creating a global platform for local dreamers. Additionally, initiatives like BudX Uncovered highlight our differentiated approach in music, placing emerging talent in the spotlight and crafting a unique experience that resonates deeply with our consumers. We will continue to build engagements that help us connect with our audience authentically, making Budweiser synonymous with high-energy moments.”

Associations with Marquee Music Festivals: Over the years, Budweiser has joined forces with premium music IPs like Boiler Room, Lollapalooza, DGTL and more, creating a global platform for artists in India. In 2023, The brand will take over the BudX Generator Stage at DGTL with a line-up of popular artists, including Patrick Mason, Tinlicker, and Juliet Fox. At Magnetic Fields, Budweiser will take over the BudX North Stage, featuring acts like I. Jordan, Paula Tape, and Bake. Embracing the Echoes of Earth’s eco-conscious theme, Budweiser will transform the Serpent stage using recycled materials; the stage will feature performances by top artists like Len Faki, Roman Lyn, and Takuya Nakamura.

'BudX Uncovered' is the brand’s initiative to elevate the festival experience and invest in the music ecosystem with electrifying collaborations and emerging artists showcase that move the India music scene forward. Budweiser will provide a global stage to bring forth an emerging act or artist who will perform in India for the first time. This initiative reflects Budweiser's commitment to nurturing creativity and innovation in the music space, bringing together a diverse range of artists and music enthusiasts to create unforgettable moments.

Immersive Experiences On-ground and Beyond: Budweiser is set to curate unforgettable festival moments, etching memories in the hearts and minds of consumers. At DGTL, Budweiser's Brew District will feature attractions like an anamorphic bar, an AI prompt Station, Stations for piercings, tattoos, and more. Beyond on-ground experiences, Budweiser has also collaborated with Spotify for a cross-cultural celebration of the extraordinary talent shaping the future of music. ‘BudX on Spotify’ is a global collaboration that unveils the unique stories and sounds of emerging artists. Budweiser will soon launch curated playlists, artist recommendations, exclusive merch and tickets to its own music experiences.

Fusing Music, Art, and Fashion: Budweiser is teaming up with top brands and designers for exclusive festival merch drops at each event. This includes Sustainable Sunglasses for Echoes of Earth, and Jackets for Magnetic Fields - with brands like Superkicks, COCO, LENI, and Kardo. These ‘hype drops’ represent a tangible connection to the music, art, and culture that Budweiser is championing. By offering limited edition festival merch, the brand is enabling attendees to become an active part of the festival experience and allowing them to take home the vibrant atmosphere and artistic essence of each event.

Commenting on its partnership Arnav Bannerjee, DGTL said, "We are thrilled to return for a third edition in India and continue our partnership with Budweiser. Their commitment to pushing boundaries in the music space and creating a platform for electronic music artists in India aligns perfectly with our values. The BudX Generator Stage is set to be a standout platform for emerging artists and festival enthusiasts."

Roshan Netalkar, Echoes of Earth said, “Budweiser's support for sustainable and environmentally conscious initiatives is in line with our festival's ethos. Each year, we look forward to ideating and innovating with the brand to foster meaningful conversations through art and installations. This edition, we are excited to bring to life the Serpent Stage, constructed entirely from recyclable materials, further reflecting our shared dedication to preserving the environment."

Speaking about the festival, Munbir Chawla, Magnetic Fields, said, “As we embrace the theme of Preservation at Magnetic Fields this year, our partnership with Budweiser takes on a special significance. Together, we are committed to preserving the country's rich cultural tapestry and look forward to curating incredible experiences across the fields of music, design.”

The brand has partnered with iconic music festivals, including DGTL, Echoes of Earth, Magnetic Fields, Boiler Room & Lollapalooza - disrupting the country's electronic music & hip-hop landscape.

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