Matrimonial Marvels: The Artistry of The Weddingwale

Weddings | November 16, 2023 | Feature

The Weddingwale Reetu Jain Jignesh Chouhan

Since 2015, The Weddingwale has been passionately working to break stereotypes and create weddings that inspire awe. Rest assured, the hardworking team, led by Founder Reetu Jain and Director Jignesh Chouhan, is dedicated to turning the matrimonial dreams of every couple into a splendid reality. Their diligence and passion mirror the devotion found in your own family.

Your Dream Wedding, The Weddingwale’s Expertise:

Blessed with a deep understanding of their clients' dreams and an unwavering commitment to precision, The Weddingwale team has successfully coordinated over 250 weddings in India and beyond. Drawing on Reetu's extensive experience spanning a decade, her adept comprehension of clients' visions is seamlessly paired with her artistic creativity. Meanwhile, Jignesh, showcasing exceptional execution skills, ensures steadfast adherence to all plans, handling everything from the finer details of wedding stationery to the coordination of transportation and logistics. 

Services & Offerings:

The Weddingwale provides a range of services, starting from initial wedding consultations to carefully choosing venues and crafting beautiful invitations. They skillfully handle RSVPs, offer warm hospitality, and ensure smooth coordination of transportation and logistics. Covering everything from managing food and drinks to designing captivating entertainment, coordinating artists and vendors, they take care of every detail. With attentive client service, personalized wedding styling, and precise management of ceremonial rituals, they work to create a wedding day that is a cherished tapestry, intricately woven with love and unique personal touches. 

The Journey:

Reetu Jain, the driving force behind The Weddingwale, has navigated her journey in the wedding industry with strong determination and steadfast dedication. Starting her venture at a young age, Reetu founded The Weddingwale when she was just 22. Despite facing challenges, she convinced clients to trust in her vision and expertise. Over her impressive 13-year career, she has proven her ability to turn dreams into tangible realities, leaving couples and families in awe of her accomplishments.

What Makes The Weddingwale Different:

The Weddingwale understands the deep meaning behind your dreams, the story of your journey, and the importance of family bonds. Their skill lies in turning these personal details into unforgettable moments. Going beyond simply organizing weddings, they are creators of lasting memories. Whether it's unique entrances reflecting your style and creativity or event themes inspired by the milestones and values in your life – every aspect is carefully crafted with love, making your celebration exceptional and uniquely yours. 


The Indian event industry faces significant challenges in meeting changing client preferences, handling financial constraints, and managing complex logistics, all while adding a personalized and unique touch to events. This requires a constant search for innovative ideas and a high level of flexibility. Being resourceful is crucial to align every aspect within budget limits. Managing the intricate details and ensuring the well-being of all parties involved can be challenging. However, The Weddingwale's passion for their work drives them to overcome these obstacles, creating extraordinary events that truly touch people's hearts.

Goals & Vision:

In their role as a destination wedding planner, The Weddingwale aims to intricately design exceptional gatherings that go beyond traditional expectations. They seek to blend the natural beauty of picturesque locations with the unique personal style and preferences of the couple, creating enchanting wedding destinations. Their method involves organizing immersive experiences that seamlessly incorporate local customs, traditions, and unexpected entertainment, making each celebration a unique journey destined to be remembered for a lifetime.

Future Plans:

The Weddingwale aims to enhance your experience with cutting-edge technology, eco-friendly practices, and enchanting atmospheres. They specialize in international weddings, providing a seamless and stress-free environment for their staff. The ultimate goal is to create unforgettable and personalized moments, going beyond the ordinary to craft an extraordinary wedding experience.

Under the leadership of Founder Reetu Jain & Director Jignesh Chouhan, The Weddingwale works diligently with a passion reminiscent of your own familial devotion.

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