Debut Edition of Indo-Nepal Wedding Summit Concludes; Unites Two Nations for One Celebration!

Business Events | November 10, 2023 | Feature

Indo-Nepal Wedding Summit 2023 The Soaltee, Kathmandu Maneesh Srivastava Samit Garg EEMA India

The debut edition of Indo-Nepal Wedding Summit 2023, scheduled on 3-4 November at The Soaltee, Kathmandu was a fusion of cultural heritage and wedding innovation, offering an exclusive preview into the future of weddings amidst the captivating landscapes of Nepal. The 2-day summit witnessed over 200 industry leaders from across the country, marking a significant step in strengthening cultural ties and business relations between the two countries.

The summit began with an opening ceremony by Maneesh Srivastava, President, Indo-Nepal Wedding Summit. Srivastava shared insights about the initiative and their plans to make Nepal a wedding destination. 

"Embracing two ancient cultures, the Indo-Nepal Wedding Summit celebrates the union of hearts and traditions. Together, we weave a tapestry of love, respect, and unity, strengthening the bonds that have stood the test of time. May this summit be a beacon of hope, fostering harmony and prosperity between our nations," stated Srivastava.

The summit also included knowledge sharing sessions, cultural entertainment and networking opportunities for the attendees along with an Expo showcasing 20+ exhibitors including hotel, venue, suppliers and vendors. 

During the summit, Dr. Dhananjay Regmi, CEO, Nepal Tourism Board elaborated on the economic advantages of promoting Nepal as an ideal wedding destination, especially in the context of the growing trend of destination weddings.

Further, Regmi also highlighted the role of this summit in kickstarting wedding tourism in Nepal by proposing necessary changes to rules and regulations streamlining the process for cross-country weddings.

Priyanka A. Jalan, Secretary, Indo Nepal Wedding Summit & Ex-Director The Bull Event Management Nepal Pvt Ltd said, “The Indo-Nepal Wedding Summit is a testament to the shared traditions and aspirations that bring our nations together. With dedication and determination. Let this summit be the beacon that draws even more souls from across the globe to join in this celebration of love and unity.” 

Samit Garg, President, EEMA expressed the view that due to social and cultural proximity, open border and natural beauty, Nepal can be an attractive wedding destination for Indians wishing to arrange special wedding events as he wished on fulfilling this dream initiative.

Sudan Kirati, Tourism Minister of Nepal said, "Love knows no borders; it's a bridge that connects our two nations. The Indo-Nepal Wedding Summit celebrates the fusion of cultures and the union of hearts, creating memories that transcend boundaries."

On second day of the summit, ‘Wedding Affair’, an Indian magazine covering various wedding aspects, from dresses to venues, launched its Nepali version at the scenic Chandragiri Hills amidst all the attendees.

Further to the magazine launch in Nepal, Rajnish Rathi, Publisher/ Editor, Wedding Affair Magazine said, “Post covid people have realized to live life. They believe in celebration, they want to celebrate every moment of life. And specially weddings in India were always a major celebration. So, the bride, the groom, and the family want to celebrate in a big way. This marks it as a really grown multifold post covid in India. In the same direction people are now exploring various new places and so far Nepal was kind of left out. We as Wedding Affair want to bring this two countries together and the opportunities available in these two countries. The business from Nepal to India and business from India to Nepal is both ways. We also have lots of Indians especially Marwaris who are rich and they can bring a lot of business to India in weddings. And in terms of lots of hotels and hospitality in Nepal is yet to be explored. A lot of people choose Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey or even Europe as their wedding destination. Nepal can also be explored which is very much affordable, so why not Nepal? We want this sector to grow which has a lot of potential.”

"Throughout the summit, we've curated cultural showcases that spotlight the distinctive wedding traditions, rituals, and attire from both India and Nepal. I am super excited for the next edition", said Pooja Srivastava, Director, Bull Group.

Concluding the event, convener Mahavir Radha Jangra stated that "Harmony in Love, Unity in Cultures: The Indo-Nepal Wedding Summit, forging bonds that last a lifetime." 

The 2-day summit witnessed over 200 industry leaders from across the country, marking a significant step in strengthening cultural ties and business relations between the two countries.

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