Exploring Premagic's Impact: How Has This AI Solution Transformed Real Events?

Industry Watch | September 29, 2023 | Feature

Premagic Anup Mohan SaasBOOMi Annual UmagineChennai Shows of India Conclave 2023

If you're someone who has a keen interest in optimizing event experiences, we believe that Premagic could be the solution you've been looking for. To illustrate the tangible benefits that the platform brings to the table, Premagic has compiled a series of insightful case studies highlighting the collaboration with some of their esteemed clients.  

In these case studies, Premagic delves into the strategic implementation of Premagic and the remarkable outcomes achieved by their clients. From the ideal scenarios for utilizing their services to the transformative results they witnessed, these case studies offer a comprehensive overview of how Premagic can revolutionize your event experiences.  

Anup Mohan, Co-Founder, Premagic said, "We founded Premagic with a simple yet powerful vision: to transform event experiences through technology. Our AI-based photo distribution platform brings smiles to thousands of faces, making every event unforgettable."

Premagic invites you to explore these real-world examples and discover the potential of elevating your events to new heights with their innovative solution. 

SaasBOOMi Annual - Asia's Largest B2B SaaS Conference

SaasBOOMi Annual is Asia's biggest SaaS conference attended by over 1100 founders and 80+ top VCs for two days of knowledge-sharing and networking. Held in Chennai, SaaSBOOMi Annual 2023 was the largest since its inception. It featured keynote speakers, workshops, investor-startup meetings, and more. The event was organized by the team at SaaSBOOMi Foundation, close-knit pay it forward community of B2B SaaS founders from India. 

Prior to using Premagic, SaaSBOOMi faced challenges with photo sorting and delivery. It used to take 2 - 3 weeks to organize photos, upload them to Google Drive, and then send an email blast to all attendees. Some impatient attendees would resort to uploading low-quality photos on social media. Moreover, attendees rarely went through thousands of photos to find their own after a couple of weeks, resulting in decreased post-event engagement.

Premagic's Solution:

Instant Photo Delivery: With Premagic, attendees received their event photos on the same day. This led to immediate social engagement from day 1 of the event, with beautifully captured moments shared across various platforms.

Exponential Increase in Social Footprint: The impact was profound as SaaSBOOMi witnessed over 100 LinkedIn posts tagged with event photos. This level of social engagement was unprecedented for them, significantly enhancing their online presence.

Organized, Accessible Photos: Premagic's solution ensured all photos were well-organized and easily accessible for attendees. This improved post-event interactions, encouraging SaaSBOOMi to leverage Premagic for all their future events.

With Premagic's seamless photo delivery, SaaSBOOMi experienced a transformative shift in their event experience, boosting engagement and strengthening their event's digital footprint.

UmagineChennai - Uniting Creativity and Innovation

UmagineChennai brought together creative minds and innovators in a vibrant event that aimed to foster collaboration and explore groundbreaking ideas. With over 18,000 attendees, it was a celebration of imagination and ingenuity.

Before partnering with Premagic, UmagineChennai encountered challenges in efficiently managing event photos. Traditional methods of photo distribution resulted in delays, and attendees often missed out on reliving their cherished moments.

Premagic's Solution:

Seamless Photo Delivery: Leveraging Premagic's AI-powered photo distribution, attendees received their event photos instantly on their preferred platforms, whether it was WhatsApp or email.

Massive Photo Reach: During the event, over 17,000 photos were distributed to the attendees. The ease of accessing and sharing photos significantly amplified social media interactions and post-event engagement.

Impactful Social Presence: The event's digital footprint soared with more than 20,000 impressions generated through social media posts. Attendees shared their favourite moments, turning the event into a trending topic across various platforms.

Enhanced Attendee Experience: Over 5,000 photo downloads showcased the delight of attendees as they embraced the magic of reliving their event experience through the captured memories.

Premagic's partnership with UmagineChennai paved the way for a revolutionary event experience, revolutionizing photo delivery and elevating engagement. The seamless integration of technology brought a new level of excitement to the event, making it an unforgettable celebration of creativity and innovation.

Shows of India Conclave 2023 - Amplifying Cultural Showcase

The Shows of India Concalve, a unique collaboration by Eva Live, Eventfaqs Media, and EEMA, united global influencers, industry leaders, and IP promoters in branded entertainment, culture marketing, and live events. With a focus on visibility and engagement, this event gathered luminaries from across the world.

Premagic addressed the paramount need for visibility among prominent attendees. The challenge of swiftly delivering photos was central to generating user-generated content, critical for boosting event promotion and amplifying brand awareness.

Premagic's Contribution:

Instant Photo Sharing: Through Premagic's swift photo distribution, a wealth of user-generated content was created in real-time. This engagement-rich content not only bolstered event credibility but also proved crucial for increasing brand awareness and promoting the event effectively.

Enhanced Event Impact: Capitalizing on the high engagement potential of photos, Premagic played a pivotal role in elevating attendee engagement, fostering greater connectivity among luminaries, and weaving a narrative of success for the Shows of India Conclave.

Wow Awards Asia - Celebrating Excellence in Event Industry

Wow Awards Asia, a prestigious event in the event industry, recognizes excellence and innovation across various event-related domains. With attendees ranging from event planners to industry professionals, it aimed to celebrate remarkable achievements.

Before embracing Premagic, Wow Awards Asia faced hurdles in efficiently managing and distributing event photos. Traditional methods led to delays and hindered post-event interactions.

Premagic's Impact:

Effortless Photo Access: Premagic's innovative technology-enabled seamless access to event photos for attendees, enhancing their post-event engagement and fostering a stronger connection to the event.

Amplified Social Engagement: Attendees shared over 500 event photos on social media platforms, significantly enhancing Wow Awards' digital presence and underscoring the event's influence.

Enhanced Attendee Experience: By instantly delivering over 2,000 event photos, Premagic heightened attendee satisfaction and participation, turning the event into a memorable experience.

Nirmalya - Gilberto Wedding - An Extravaganza of Elegance

Sohan Roy, a notable figure in Dubai's business arena, is renowned for his pursuit of innovative event experiences. For his daughter Nirmalya's wedding, he sought an element that would astonish and delight the distinguished attendees, in line with his reputation for novelty and elegance.

Premagic's Contribution:

Lasting Impressions: With Premagic's unique features, the wedding indeed astounded and entertained the guests, creating an unforgettable experience that aligned seamlessly with Sohan Roy's vision.

Seamless Photo Distribution: Premagic's advanced technology facilitated effortless and timely photo delivery throughout the various wedding events, catering to the numerous prominent attendees and ensuring their engagement remained unhindered.

Amplified Social Presence: Attendees enthusiastically shared over 1,000 event photos on social media platforms, expanding the digital footprint of the #GilNima wedding and making it a trending topic online.

AsiaBerlin Summit - Bridging Global Innovations

The AsiaBerlin Summit, a dynamic tech conference in Germany, united innovators, entrepreneurs, and experts from Asia and Europe. With a focus on technology and innovation, the event aimed to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Handling a large-scale international event like AsiaBerlin demands efficient management of event photos. With a multitude of prominent attendees, manually organizing photos in one place becomes challenging. Additionally, measuring content efficacy and pinpointing specific photos of key individuals poses difficulties.

Premagic's Impact:

Elevated Attendee Engagement: Premagic's seamless distribution of 400 event photos boosted attendee engagement, enabling them to actively participate and extend the event's impact.

Accurate Content Effectiveness Measurement: By integrating content insights, Premagic enabled precise measurement of content impact. This analytical tool enhanced our ability to assess media engagement and refine our strategies.

Elevated Content Dissemination: Premagic transformed personal galleries into dynamic platforms. This innovation empowered hosts and sponsors to share content effectively, enriching the value of the galleries and offering targeted engagement opportunities.

Prominent Political Party Campaign - Connecting with Constituents

The political party's campaign event had a clear goal: to connect with constituents and leverage the power of social media to amplify its message and gain votes. With a diverse audience comprising potential voters, the event's success was pivotal for garnering community support.

Challenges Addressed:

Premagic effectively tackled challenges related to managing event photos, which, if not managed well, could have led to delayed photo sharing and hindered the intended post-event interactions. The urgency to share event photos quickly on platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook aligned seamlessly with the political party's aim of spreading its campaign message through word of mouth

NASSCOM GCC Conclave - Empowering the Tech Industry

The Nasscom GCC Conclave aimed to gather tech industry leaders, innovators, and visionaries under one roof. As a prominent event in the tech sphere, it provided a platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and fostering innovation.

NASSCOM encountered the need to retain sponsors and elevate brand visibility for future events. Amplifying sponsor brands in a compelling manner was a key challenge, as traditional methods lacked the required impact. Distributing event photos also posed challenges, leading to delayed sharing and limited post-event engagement.

Premagic's Contribution:

Amplified Online Presence: Attendees shared over 1,000 event photos on social media platforms, expanding NASSCOM's digital reach and underscoring its significance in the tech community.

Strategic Brand Visibility: Premagic addressed this challenge by strategically placing sponsor brands within event galleries, offering a powerful channel for brand exposure. The inclusion of both image and video content, coupled with custom calls-to-action, engaged attendees effectively.

Enhanced Sponsor Engagement: With the ability to add personalized CTAs within the albums  Premagic empowered audiences to actively engage with the sponsor brands, yielding higher sponsor-audience interaction.

By partnering with Premagic, NASSCOM not only revolutionized sponsor engagement but also paved the way for a more interactive and impactful event experience.

From boosting engagement to amplifying your event's digital footprint, Premagic's AI-powered solutions have already made a mark in the event industry. If you're eager to see how this cutting-edge technology can revolutionize your events or have any queries, feel free to connect directly at contact@premagic.com or +91 9895096532. Premagic will be happy to give you a free demo! To learn more about the offerings, visit their official website at premagic.com.

Collaborate with Premagic to elevate your event experiences to new heights! 

To illustrate the tangible benefits that the platform brings to the table, Premagic has compiled a series of insightful case studies highlighting the collaboration with some of their esteemed clients.

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