MotoGP 2023 Thrills Over One Lakh Attendees, Generating Rs 933 Crore in Business

Industry Watch | September 27, 2023 | News

MotoGP Buddh International Circuit

In September 2023, something extraordinary happened in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. The very first MotoGP event took place, and it was a massive hit, drawing fans from India and abroad. For three days, the Buddh International Circuit came alive with the thunderous roars of racing bikes, as 82 riders from 41 teams raced. This debut MotoGP event not only thrilled spectators but also made great business, showing the immense appeal of motorsports.

A Grand Celebration

The event was graced by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, government officials, and famous celebrities from the world of movies and cricket. The organizers left no stone unturned in ensuring everything was perfect, from hospitality to security and connectivity, making the Buddh International Circuit a global hotspot.

Over those three days, more than one lakh people, including about 10,000 to 15,000 from other countries, gathered to witness this historic event. It was the first time such a high-profile race had come to India, and it captured the hearts of both seasoned motorsport enthusiasts and newcomers. The races in the MotoGP, Moto2, and Moto3 categories featured 82 riders from around the world, showcasing their incredible speed and skills.

Record-Breaking Moments

The MotoGP Bharat event made history by raking in a remarkable Rs 933.76 crore in business, which is roughly Euro 106 million. The final race day, where Marco Bezzecchi emerged victorious, had a mesmerized audience of 50,000 fans, with Chief Minister Adityanath presenting the coveted trophy. The second day drew almost 30,000 spectators, while the first day had around 15,000 attendees.

But it wasn't just about the fans and racers. More than 5,000 foreign staff members joined the teams at the venue and approximately 150 international and national media professionals covered the event, putting it on the global map.

Economic Impact

The economic benefits of the event extended well beyond the racetrack. The Uttar Pradesh government invested a significant Rs 50 crore in improving the track and essential infrastructure. This investment had a positive ripple effect, boosting sectors such as hospitality, transportation, restaurants, and hotels in Greater Noida.

What's more, the event's success has positioned Uttar Pradesh as an attractive investment destination, with major brands considering expanding their presence in the state. Chief Minister Adityanath's call, along with the triumph of MotoGP Bharat, might lead to more investments, promising to change the region's economic landscape.

Looking Ahead

The first MotoGP Bharat event wasn't just a race; it was a showcase of India's potential as a global motorsport hub. As the bikes roared and the crowds cheered, it became clear that this event marked a crucial moment in India's journey toward becoming a top destination for motorsport lovers.

With the resounding success of MotoGP Bharat, everyone is now looking to the future. Will India continue to host this thrilling event, and can it build on this momentum to become a permanent fixture on the MotoGP calendar? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain – motorsport has found a new home in the heart of Uttar Pradesh!

From September 22 to 24, the Buddh International Circuit roared to life as 82 riders from 41 teams ignited the tracks, setting the stage for a historic spectacle.

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