Kabir Suri and Sagar Daryani: re-elected as leaders of the NRAI

Industry Watch | September 25, 2023 | News

Kabir Suri Sagar Daryani Azure hospitality WoW Momo

At the 41st Annual General Meeting of the NRAI, held in Kolkata, the stage was set for the re-election of Kabir Suri and Sagar Daryani as President and Vice-President, respectively. This re-election not only reaffirms their exceptional leadership but also underscores their deep-rooted dedication to the growth and development of India’s restaurant sector.

As Kabir Suri and Sagar Daryani continue at the helm of NRAI, their vision for the year ahead revolves around unity, expansion, and a relentless pursuit of solutions to the industry's challenges, ensuring that the association remains a strong advocate for the restaurant sector.

The leaders outlined their plan for the coming year, emphasizing their commitment to growing the association's membership base and strengthening its chapters. Both leaders commended the success of the Kolkata chapter and its head in organizing the NRAI Indian Restaurant Summit. They expressed their intention to replicate this success by taking the annual event to other cities, fostering greater regional impact and collaboration within the industry.

Sagar Suri, President ,NRAI said, “The plan for the coming year is the same as the last remain together and bring more and more people under the association, to expand our base make our chapters stronger, acknowledge leaders who are contributing, which I think we've done and to stand for the fraternity, be it with the government or local authorities in respect to the various issues the sector faces."

Over the past few years, the NRAI has significantly expanded, increasing from just a few chapters to an impressive 24, with membership numbers growing by 30 percent. They credited this growth to hosting over 50 events under the NRAI banner, facilitating knowledge exchange, and providing a platform for restaurant owners to connect with industry leaders.

Kabir Suri and Sagar Daryani's vision for the year ahead revolves around unity and expansion, ensuring that the association remains a strong advocate for the restaurant sector.

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