Whistling Woods International Concludes a Successful 4th SMC Masterclass Marathon

Industry Watch | September 20, 2023 | News

Whistling Woods International

Whistling Woods International (WWI), Department of Media & Communication, recently organized the 4th edition of the Masterclass Marathon, which was a big success. This four-day event featured various experts from the industry who shared their knowledge with aspiring media students.

The marathon started with a session by Vivek Krishnani, CEO of MovieVerse Studios, where he discussed the key aspects of film production: Content, Casting, and Costing. Students had a chance to ask questions and gain insights into the film business.

On the second day, Anand Karir, a creative expert, talked about his experiences in creating successful advertisements and campaigns. He emphasized the importance of creative thinking and building a good reputation in the industry.

Day three featured Tinesh Chopade, who discussed the significance of diversity and inclusion in different fields, especially for the LGBTQ community. He shared strategies for promoting equal rights and social change in the workplace.

The marathon concluded with a session by Shabnam Minwalla, a well-known journalist and children's fiction author, who shared her creative journey and how her experiences at the Times of India influenced her writing.

Rahul Puri, Head of Academics at WWI, highlighted the importance of these masterclasses, stating that they provide students with a unique opportunity to learn directly from successful industry professionals. These sessions aim to bridge the gap between theory and practice, inspiring students to excel in their chosen fields.

Overall, the four-day Media & Communication Masterclass Marathon was an enriching experience for students, motivating them to pursue their dreams in the industry.

The four-day-long diverse series of masterclasses hosted some of the best industry guests to share their wisdom and learning with the next generation of media students.

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