Three Decades of Dedication and Creativity: V.G. Jairam's Reflective Note on His Remarkable Journey

Industry Watch | September 18, 2023 | News

V.G. Jairam Hyperlink Brand Solutions

In a heartfelt and reflective note penned by V.G. Jairam, Founder, Hyperlink Brand Solutions, he takes us on a remarkable journey spanning three decades. From the early days of radio production alongside industry stalwart Brian Tellis to the establishment of India's pioneering music retail store "The Groove" and his transformative role at Fountainhead Promotions and Events, Jairam's narrative is a testament to unwavering dedication and boundless creativity. 

Co-founding Oranjuice Entertainment marked a pivotal turning point, and the entry of his brothers, Jaishankar and Jaiganesh, added depth to his professional voyage. Jairam's note also pays tribute to the late Mr. Pradeep Guha and speaks of the resilient spirit that led to the birth of Hyperlink Brand Solutions amidst the challenges of a pandemic-stricken world. Today, Hyperlink stands tall as India's most awarded experiential and culture marketing agency. 

Let's delve into the remarkable career and enduring spirit of V.G. Jairam, celebrating his unwavering commitment to his dreams and the teams that have been his steadfast companions along the way.

Here’s V.G Jairam’s note: 

September 18, 1993, began an incredible personal journey for me. Fresh-faced with ideas and passion , I first stepped into radio production in my first job with Brian Tellis. Together, we produced radio for HMV FM and Times FM and, importantly, set up India’s first mega music retail store above Eros Theatre at Churchgate called “The Groove'' under a company called Radioactive. Groove also saw 2 more stores, one at the Crossroad mall Haji Ali and one in New Mumbai. Nestor Nazareth, Dextryl Ferrao, Sheehan Gomes, Anurag Rao, Ian Pereira, VG Ganesh, Mikhail, plus so many names I am forgetting were part of this iconic retail music movement. I transitioned into the dynamic space of experiential marketing with Fountainhead Promotions and Events that was born in 1994. What began as a professional relationship with Brian, Neale, and Otis transformed into a bond beyond work – from bosses to partners and, eventually, family. A special shout out to our first music IP “Sunday Night Live” that we used to promote and produce at Razz Rihno Juhu.

Looking back, our first office, H2 Mandar Society in Juhu, stands out not just as an office but as a crucible of creativity, where the original pioneering team of Lisa Chinnery, Nigel Vincent, Richard Ferdinands, Maria, Dale Edwards, Sunanda Braganza, Priya Fonseca, Brian Hoogwerf, Clarion Ferdinands and later as we moved into our office at Pali Village Bandra we were joined by Everard Chaubal, David D’Souza, Owen Roncon, Sunil D’Souza, Priya Dsouza, Valerian Mathias, Lloyd D’Souza, Nicola, and so many more colleagues too many names to mention, who infused passion and innovation every day into Fountainhead.

In 2003 Co-founding Oranjuice Entertainment with Owen Roncon was a turning point in my life. We crafted stories and experiences, breaking barriers and setting benchmarks in live entertainment and culture marketing.

My brothers, Jaishankar and Jaiganesh's entry in Fountainhead and Oranjuice marks a special chapter of this journey. Their involvement added depth and dimension to both Fountainhead and Oranjuice. Another poignant and proud moment was when our late boss, Mr. Pradeep Guha, partnered with us. His belief in our vision, mentorship, and wisdom were invaluable. His absence is deeply felt, but his teachings remain our guiding star.

Dentsu Inc. acquired Fountainhead & Oranjuice in 2015. In 2020 the pandemic struck the event industry hardest. But adversity often brings out the best in us. As we navigated the challenges and complexities, Jaishankar, Jaiganesh and me birthed Hyperlink Brand Solutions amid the pandemic, totally inspired by Jaishankar's conviction of not letting our team members down or suffer personally and professionally due to the effects of the pandemic. We received a lot of moral courage & financial support from my mother and our Chairperson, Mrs Lakshmi Gopalakrishnan, VG Jaiganesh, Neale Murray,  Valerian Mathias and a few of our cherished friends like Sunaman Sood, Shree Nadkarni, Dhiren Doshi, Sid & Purab Doshi, Radhika Raj & Aditya Khurana who believed in our vision and capability.

Today, in 3 years Hyperlink Brand Solutions is India’s most awarded experiential and culture marketing agency and has a presence in Mumbai, New Delhi, and Bangalore with over 150 Hyperlinkers is a testament to our team's tenacity and dedication. To every 'Hyperlinker' and their families – your trust, passion, loyalty and relentless drive makes Hyperlink what it is.

A heartfelt thanks to our clients, vendor partners, and artists who have been pillars of strength and support through these 30 years of my journey. Your belief in our abilities and unwavering support have been the wind beneath our wings. I know if I start to put down all the names, it will be a never-ending list, but I can’t thank each one of them enough for contributing to my professional and personal life.

Last but not least I want to thank my soulmate and biggest supporter and critic my wife Giselle Pereira and my new boss my daughter Shruthi Jairam whose entry into my life changed everything for the best.

Three decades might seem like a long time, but I am proud of one very important fact, I never gave up on my dream and my team; their loyalty, friendship and trust is the backbone with which I move forward. With gratitude and joy, I look forward to continuing this exciting journey. 

So Here’s to the World we dream about and the one we live in now.

Let's delve into the remarkable career and enduring spirit of V.G. Jairam, celebrating his unwavering commitment to his dreams and the teams that have been his steadfast companions along the way.

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