200+ Clients, 10000+ Projects & 1800+ Events; Éclat completes 7 successful years!

Industry Watch | September 18, 2023 | Feature

Dr Rinkle Sangoi Kapoor Founder & CEO Éclat

Éclat is a new-age media company that excels in helping clients achieve distinction through their boutique services in Digital Marketing, Content Creation, Event Management, Collateral Designing, and MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions). Their expertise lies in transmedia storytelling and creating tailored, innovative, and relevant solutions by understanding their clients' strategic goals and objectives.

Founded in 2016, Éclat has grown and adapted to meet the evolving challenges and opportunities faced by their clients. They focus on aspects like brand building, increasing awareness, enhancing engagement, boosting recall, and building customer loyalty.

In an exclusive interview with EVENTFAQS Media, Dr Rinkle Sangoi Kapoor, Founder & CEO, Éclat, shares insights into Éclat's remarkable seven-year journey, which has been filled with extraordinary experiences, challenges, and exhilaration.

Éclat is known for its distinctive services, and Dr. Rinkle Sangoi Kapoor provides valuable insights into what sets them apart in the industry. These services are conceptualized to cater to the unique needs of their clients and are designed to help them achieve their goals effectively. 

Q. With completing nearly 7 years now in the industry, what are the unexpected highs and lows you have experienced while working with various types of clients?

It feels surreal to realize that seven years have already passed since our journey began in the industry, as it seems like just yesterday. Interestingly, I often find myself saying that we started this venture only two years ago because COVID-19 brought about such profound changes in our landscape.

In 2016, Éclat embarked on its path with a vision to become a fully integrated marketing agency. Fast forward to today, and we have not only achieved this goal but have also flourished as a successful agency. Over the years, Éclat has strategically expanded its services to encompass three critical verticals: Advertising (both mainline and digital), Creative (including design and studio production), and Events.

When reflecting on the unexpected challenges we've faced, it's impossible not to mention the COVID-19 pandemic. Undoubtedly, this period was one of our most significant lows. However, paradoxically, it turned out to be a high point in our journey as well. Instead of downsizing or retreating, we embraced the challenge, pivoted towards digital dominance, and honed our digital services to excellence. We demonstrated resilience and unity, emerging from the crisis as a stronger and more sustainable agency.

Additionally, during our journey, we made the strategic decision to rebrand. This proved to be one of the best decisions we've made. The rebranding exercise injected fresh energy into our identity, enabling us to instill our core values even deeper into our team and allowing those values to shine through in our work.

In essence, the past seven years have been a rollercoaster ride of unexpected highs and lows. Through it all, Éclat has evolved and thrived, a testament to our commitment to adapt, innovate, and always emerge "bigger, bolder, and better" from every challenge we encounter.

Q. Being an event management company, what are the unique and different type services Éclat offers that attendees have a special and lasting experience while also supporting your client's event objectives?  

In the realm of event management, Éclat has continually embraced innovation and adapted to the ever-evolving tech landscape, focusing on creating immersive experiences. This year alone, we've pioneered event concepts that revolve around movable modular structures, immersive content, and engaging augmented reality elements—especially catering to digitally savvy audiences and becoming a source of social currency for our clients.

Here's an overview of some of our distinctive services that set Éclat apart in delivering unforgettable experiences while aligning with our client's event objectives:

1) MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions): At the heart of every successful event lies a well-chosen venue and seamless travel arrangements, which fall under the purview of MICE. However, we go beyond logistics by curating geographical experiences that add depth and richness to each event.

2) Event Conceptualization: Clients often approach us with diverse requests, ranging from creating concepts that sell to devising opportunities for user-generated content or crafting acts that launch, release, or announce brand offerings. Our concept team consistently hits the mark by developing innovative and impactful concepts that truly resonate with the audience.

3) Event Management: A key pillar of our success lies in meticulous planning. We recently shared an important aspect of our approach on LinkedIn, emphasizing the critical role of meticulous planning in event execution (check out the article here). Our event managers leave no detail to chance; every aspect of the event, whether macro or micro, is meticulously documented. From screen content timing to light choreography and audio effects, our managers ensure that every moment wows the audience, reflecting the Éclat standard of excellence.

4) Corporate Gifting: We understand the tangible value that corporate gifting adds to an event. Whether it's creating anticipation and excitement with carefully curated invitations or delivering post-event greetings and giveaways, these touchpoints play a pivotal role in keeping employees and customers connected to your brand. Éclat stands out by not simply selecting products off the shelf but by curating items using cutting-edge software and collaborating closely with manufacturers. This approach not only enhances the experience but also ensures cost-effectiveness and sustainability for our clients.

5) Digital Experiences: In today's digital age, web pages, microsites, and event apps serve as powerful communication tools between a brand and its attendees. Our digital experts excel at swiftly creating websites, microsites, or apps that bring events closer to attendees. These digital platforms foster engagement, creating a dynamic and immersive experience for all participants.

In conclusion, Éclat's commitment to innovation and excellence in event management shines through in our unique services. We're dedicated to ensuring that every event we undertake not only meets our client's objectives but also leaves a lasting and special impression on attendees.

Q. Would you mind giving an instance of a recent event you organized that ran into problems? How did you get through these challenges and succeed?

Absolutely, I'd be happy to share an instance of a recent event that presented some unique challenges and how Éclat navigated through them to achieve success.

We undertook a series of international events, one of which was hosted in Nepal. Nepal, a country known for its rich culture and breathtaking landscapes, posed a distinct set of challenges due to its relatively less developed event infrastructure. Our designs and concepts for this event were ambitious and, quite frankly, ahead of the curve for the local vendors in Nepal to execute seamlessly.

However, rather than being deterred by these challenges, our dedicated production team rose to the occasion. To bridge the gap between our intricate engineered designs and the local execution capability, we took a creative approach. We translated our complex engineered drawings into simplified line drawings, breaking down the intricate engineering into manageable and understandable steps. This proactive step ensured that the local fabricators comprehended the task at hand and were empowered to successfully bring our vision to life.

The event itself was a spectacle to behold, featuring a split stage, a dynamic LED panel in motion, a captivating launch act where a star formed in real-time on stage, mesmerizing dance performances, and breathtaking drone shoots. While these elements may have initially seemed overwhelming to our Nepali counterparts, our team's meticulous simplification and guidance ensured that each aspect of the event was executed flawlessly.

The result? The event was nothing short of a resounding success. It showcased the power of collaboration, creativity, and adaptability. It exemplified our commitment to delivering top-notch experiences even in challenging environments, and it reaffirmed Éclat's reputation for turning obstacles into opportunities.

In essence, this experience highlighted our team's ability to overcome hurdles and transform them into stepping stones towards achieving extraordinary outcomes. It serves as a testament to Éclat's unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional events, regardless of the complexities involved.

Q. In order to improve your event offerings, how do you stay current on the newest trends and technologies in the events industry?

Staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving events industry is a commitment we take seriously at Éclat. We believe that being distinct is not just a choice but a way of life for us, and here's how we ensure that:

Immersive Exposure: We believe that inspiration can be found anywhere in the world. That's why we read voraciously, travel extensively, and network passionately. These experiences expose us to diverse cultures, geographies, technologies, and philosophies. This immersive exposure gives us a unique creative edge that sets our events apart.

Exceptional Talent: At Éclat, we don't hire based solely on industry standards or resumes. We seek individuals who possess a remarkable eye for detail, a touch of OCD (Obsessive Creativity Disorder), and an unquenchable thirst to make a significant impact. Our team is a diverse blend of talents who share a common passion for creating unforgettable events.

Technological Pioneers: We pride ourselves on being pioneers in adopting the latest event technologies and innovations. This commitment to staying ahead of the curve allows us to leverage cutting-edge tools and techniques, providing our clients with experiences that are truly extraordinary.

Open and Fun Work Culture: Our office is more than just a workplace; it's a space where creativity thrives. We eat together, play together, and foster an open work culture with flexible seating arrangements and dedicated unwinding zones. We've even embraced the positivity that pets bring to the workplace, running a pet-friendly office that keeps spirits high and fosters an environment of innovation and collaboration.

Continuous Learning: We are avid learners and are always seeking inspiration from unexpected sources. Our recent exploration of lessons from our furry friends is just one example of how we find wisdom in the everyday and apply it to our work.

In conclusion, our event offerings are not merely up to date; they are driven by our unwavering commitment to being DISTINCT, BY CHOICE. We believe that our dedication to immersion, talent, technology, culture, and continuous learning sets us apart and allows us to consistently deliver exceptional events that leave a lasting impression.

An interview with the woman who did it all. Dr. Rinkle Sangoi Kapoor (Founder & CEO, Éclat)

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  • 200+ Clients, 10000+ Projects & 1800+ Events; Éclat completes 7 successful years!
  • 200+ Clients, 10000+ Projects & 1800+ Events; Éclat completes 7 successful years!
  • 200+ Clients, 10000+ Projects & 1800+ Events; Éclat completes 7 successful years!
  • 200+ Clients, 10000+ Projects & 1800+ Events; Éclat completes 7 successful years!
  • 200+ Clients, 10000+ Projects & 1800+ Events; Éclat completes 7 successful years!
  • 200+ Clients, 10000+ Projects & 1800+ Events; Éclat completes 7 successful years!

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