Zee Media's India eMobility Conclave sets the stage for a Sustainable Electric Mobility Landscape

Industry Watch | September 4, 2023 | News

Zee Media India eMobility Conclave

Zee Media successfully hosted the India eMobility Conclave, emerging as a catalyst for transformative change, setting the stage for a landscape defined by sustainable electric mobility. It primarily focused on boosting awareness on EVs, policy advocacy, technology advancement and sustainable mobility setting a remarkable precedent for fostering sustainable mobility solutions and propelling India toward a cleaner, greener, and electrifying future.

This conclave served as a dynamic platform engaging esteemed stakeholders from diverse sectors towards insightful discussions and collectively envisioning a future where electric mobility took centre stage. It also included a one-on-one discussion with the Guest of Honour - Sh. Kailash Gahlot – Cabinet Minister (Home, Law, Transport, IT and AR), on ‘Delhi's tryst with EV adoption’.

Attendees gained a comprehensive understanding the pivotal role EVs play in shaping a cleaner and greener future for transportation, providing a roadmap for policymakers to steer the nation toward an electric-powered future. 

Mona Jain, Chief Revenue Officer, Zee Media Corporation said, “The India eMobility Conclave has transcended expectations, not only in terms of its success but also in the resonance it has found among stakeholders. This event has not only opened avenues for industry collaboration but has also showcased the immense revenue opportunities that lie within the realm of electric mobility. As we stride forward, we're poised to unlock new horizons of growth and sustainability."

Abhay Ojha, CEO, Zee Media Corporation said, “The India eMobility Conclave stands as a pivotal milestone in our journey towards a sustainable future. The event's success echoes the collective commitment of Zee Media towards shaping a transportation ecosystem that resonates with the needs of the present while safeguarding the planet for generations to come. By bringing together brilliant minds and fostering crucial conversations, we have ignited a transformation that will reshape the way we move.”

The conclave focused on boosting awareness on technology advancement & sustainable mobility setting a precedent for fostering & propelling India toward a cleaner, greener, and electrifying future.

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