Madison Turnt bags maximum Gold at WOW; spills beans on executing award-winning events & more!

Marketing | August 21, 2023 | Interview

Madison Turnt Sunny Vohra WOW Awards Asia 2023

An integrated experiential solutions unit of Madison World, Madison Turnt provides media neutral, innovative and impactful solutions to clients. Diversified with experts from advertising, events and activation. Madison Turnt has done innovative projects for Cadbury, Marico, Godrej, Renault, LinkedIn, Oppo, BJP and many others. 

Further to their win at the WOW Awards Asia 2023, in an exclusive conversation Sunny Vohra, CEO, Madison TurnT and Anugrah Madison shared exclusive insights about strategy in choosing the right entry, case study about 'Manoranjan Ka Pitara' their award winning entry, future initiatives and more.

Having won the maximum number of Gold at the WOW Awards Asia 2023, tell us about your strategy in choosing the right entry for the categories.

We believe in keeping it simple. We are an idea-driven agency and understand the media landscape, which helps us create integrated solutions. We won across seven categories; 
-Best Rural Program of the year 
-Best Small Budget 
-Best on-ground activation/event 
-Digital Promotion for an On-Ground activity 
-Promotion/activation for Brand awareness 
-AR/VR Technologies and Content of the year 
-Innovation in Interactive Technology 
The entries that won us awards all had deep-rooted insight in them and have genuinely worked for our clients. The other theme which you will find very common is the adoption of technology. We understand the end consumer, the company and the cultural nuances, that’s why we are unique in building a small Village (Bharat) to New India narrative in our ideas, activation and events. 

Share insights on positioning of Madison Turnt as a brand that is fostering a niche presence through offering a comprehensive solution ranging from small towns to large events to technological innovation.

We have vertical heads who understand New India, small towns (Bharat) and Technology Transformation and this is backed by a strong creative and strategy team. We invest a lot of time in the field which gives us a rich understanding of the evolving consumer. I invest a lot of time with upcoming start-up companies to understand the new pace of India and how they are shaping the small towns (Bharat) and I am blessed with a strong leadership team that is always wanting to do more. Honestly, all solutions come from our market, consumer, innovation and most importantly brand understanding. We may not stitch large canvases, but at Madison, we stitch meaningful canvases for brands and consumers.

Our comprehensive understanding of the media landscape encompasses various platforms, including TV, digital, print, out-of-home (OOH), and cinema. We have in-depth knowledge of these channels, enabling us to develop effective strategies and campaigns that resonate with the target audience across different media platforms.

Tell us about the objective behind the approach of providing solutions to all kinds of events, and how this helps connect with the client.

As I said we are an idea-driven company, and we have subject matter experts in our teams. The approach comes from the client brief, brand, audience, and the challenge at hand. The other factor which plays a critical role is continuity. We are very consistent in our relationship with our clients. 70% of our client base has been with us for the past 10 years or more. This helps both the brand and us to keep building meaningful experiences again and again as we understand the brand. We have seen the transformation of brands and the transformation of consumers over a decade with the same brand. We have developed in-house tools which give us a better understanding of consumer and consumption stories. In a nutshell, we have a complete ecosystem - subject matter experts, tools to understand brands, and consumer insight, which enables and makes us different from other agencies. 

We are simultaneously pursuing two different strategies to grow. On the one hand, we are focusing on expanding scale through Anugrah, and on the other hand, we are aiming for substantial size through TurnT. These two approaches allow us to diversify our efforts and maximize our success potential.

Manoranjan Ka Pitara led you to win Gold in the Rural Marketing Campaign of the Year category, tell us how challenging it is to execute/design campaigns for rural audiences.

Understanding the complexities of rural India requires an in-depth and hands-on approach. To design a rural campaign, you need to have a deep routed and hands-on understanding of the brand, categories and market. We say this because every year our team travels extensively across the length and breadth of the country. This has made our team rich in understanding the diverse rural culture and consumer behaviours which change every 50 km.

Counterfeit products are a major challenge and original products remain unnoticed. Awareness of low literacy levels in rural India becomes a key focus. The task was to create a concept and create inroads into Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and Rajasthan markets. 

Our strategy was developed in a way that it could deepen distribution across rural markets and capture indirect markets to mark ITC's presence while understanding competition, all under the same breath!

The concept of 'Manoranjan ka Pitara' (Translation: Box of Entertainment) was conceptualised to ensure that the consumer's association with the brand was fun and joyful. A ‘capsule of entertainment’ was developed which was a vehicle that moved from one touchpoint to another, offering a host of brands together called 'Manoranjan Ka Pitara'. The word 'Pitara' means 'Box', which was used as a treasure trove of entertainment. The Pitara was divided into three categories, Swasthya ka Pitara (Box for Health), Khatta Meetha Pitara (Box of Tangy and Sweet Savouries), and Manoranjan ka Pitara (Box of Entertainment) – thus ensuring we catered to all sections of the TG – women, kids, and families.

The program was made full of entertainment with many engagement programs for kids, mothers and kids and mothers together, like Tambola, Origami. We reached out to 20+ districts, 2000+ villages, 3.5 lakhs consumers, 1.5 lakh school children, 4000+ retail outlets.

Over the years, our team has travelled to 1.5 Lakh villages across the country, touched more than 1 lakh retail counters directly and 50k + schools across 400+ districts; we have built a network and understanding of these regions which helps us in execution.

We are unique in our ability to transition seamlessly across the spectrum, from small towns to large cities in India. This adaptability sets us apart and enables us to navigate diverse environments, connecting with people from different backgrounds and cultures. Our versatile movement reflects our understanding and appreciation of Indian society's rich tapestry.
Having won the Gold award for THE TALKING MIXER! in the Small Budget Event of the Year category, give detailed information on how you managed to conceptualize and execute an on-ground campaign for them.

Small budgets need Big Ideas! With that in mind, we sought an innovative approach for the Bajaj Mixer. After thorough research and development, we conceived the concept of the Bajaj Talking Mixer – a mixer that communicates autonomously, not dependent on any sales personnel. The mixer would strike light-hearted conversations with consumers while also sliding in its unique features like durability and dura cut blades into the conversation. With discreet cameras and a remote voice-over artist lending their voice to the mixer, we successfully intrigued and pleasantly surprised consumers, effectively sending out the brand messaging and winning us the Gold! 

Our agency stands out from others because we prioritize insights, focus on consumers, and base our decisions on strategic thinking. This approach ensures that we can provide meaningful and effective solutions for our clients, setting us apart in the industry.
What other future initiatives are planned through Madison TurnT?

When it comes to organizing events, size is never the focus. What truly matters is the creation of a meaningful experience that is reflected in our work. Whether we are dealing with a small budget, activation strategies, technological aspects, or rural settings, our priority remains the same.
We have in the past 2 years taken strides in opening more and more specialist services. Exhibition within India and abroad, Technology centre where we are constantly working with people and collaborating on content. We would like to be seen as an agency which is deeply rooted in Consumer insight for meaningful engagement. We are in the process of building scale with our vast understanding of 400 + districts.

The focus area and initiative will be largely in the space of:
-The adoption of technology
-Invest in the training and well-being of our employees. 
-Establish relationships with clients.
-Develop tools for market prioritisation and identification.

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In an exclusive conversation with Sunny Vohra, CEO, Madison TurnT and Anugrah Madison shared exclusive insights about strategy in choosing the right entry, future initiatives and more.

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