The Impact Of Internet Speed On Event Industry

Industry Watch | May 17, 2023 | Promo Feature


Working from home is now a reality for many. The situation has changed in a way that a good internet speed is required for not only entertainment but also work purposes. Many industries have shifted online, including the event industry. What makes the requirement of internet connectivity different for the event industry is that they need to deal with huge internet traffic. 

Internet Connectivity Is A Must For Events 

Irrespective of the fact whether an event is virtual or physical, having internet connectivity is a must. Firstly, the entertainment industry is moving from physical tickets to digital tickets. In such a scenario, the buyer must have a reasonable internet speed to ensure a successful financial transaction. One can use the Speed Test platform to ensure the internet speed is good before buying a ticket. Even though digital tickets were fairly common even previously, their popularity increased during and after the pandemic. With digital ticketing, users now use QR codes and smartphones to gain admission to an event. 

Also, the popularity of virtual events has increased both among the organizers and the attendees. 92.1% of organizers believe virtual events were successful and provided more significant ROI than physical events. The popularity of such events amongst the attendees could be narrowed down to the fact that 68% of the attendees rewatch the virtual event, and also, they get the option to watch the event session if they missed it. Irrespective of the benefits, it is a known fact virtual events require internet connectivity. 

The Impact Of Internet Speed On The Event Industry 

The sheer number of people that the different stakeholders of an event industry have to deal with demands a good internet speed. High-speed internet ensures seamless communication among the team members, clients, vendors and attendees. Furthermore, good internet speed provides quick collaboration and easy sharing of different data irrespective of the team's geographical location. Users can use Jio to check the upload and download speed to ensure smooth collaboration. 

Besides planning, internet speed plays a significant role during the event. It is only when both the organizer and the attendees have a good internet speed they can enjoy the online event without any lagging issues from all corners of the world. Also, if you want to create an interactive live event, having a good internet speed is a must-have. 

Internet speed also plays a crucial role post the event for collecting data on the attendees' experience. Only when the organizers have a good internet connection can they swiftly take the attendees' feedback without irritating them. Further, the event organizers must collect and analyze feedback to meet their requirements better and enhance the experience in future events. 

How To Ensure A Good Internet Speed For Organizing An Event?

It is recommended to have dedicated bandwidth to ensure that everyone has their best experience before, during and after the event. When someone opts for dedicated bandwidth, they reserve the bandwidth allocation. Consequently, it ensures that the event gets access to unshared bandwidth for an optimal experience. 

In addition, dedicated bandwidth also offers a faster and more reliable experience. Its only challenge is that it is expensive. However, considering the ROI that it can bring, the investment is worth it. 

Another way of ensuring a smooth event is by removing the dependency on Wi-Fi, an unreliable internet source. It is common to lose an internet connection if the Wi-Fi network gets overloaded. Furthermore, one must be mindful of the distance between the wireless device and the router. Hence, many factors can impact the internet speed when one is connected to Wi-Fi. An easy way to fight this problem is by shifting to hard-wired internet connection like an ethernet cable which provides better stability and speed. 

Also, one should calculate the required bandwidth before conducting the actual event. Then, one should double this bandwidth to stay on the safer side. While considering the needed bandwidth, one should know where they are going to stream the video. It is because different streaming technology and platforms require different internet speeds. Lastly, one should conduct a detailed speed test to ensure the internet connection is high enough to run the event seamlessly. 

The Future Of Virtual Events 

Virtual events are here to stay because they can bring a worldwide audience to one platform, which is very advantageous for everyone. Shortly, we expect more diversification in the virtual event. The only struggle with virtual events is that the attendees remain engaged with the session only 68% of the session. Therefore, the event industry should incorporate more technology to increase the engagement rate. 

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What makes the requirement of internet connectivity different for the event industry is that they need to deal with huge internet traffic.

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