What are the Top Skills Required To Organize An Event?

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Organizing an event is never an easy task. Whether it is a wedding, charity event, birthday party, annual dinner, or corporate conference hosted by Ethiopian Airlines, organizing and hosting an event requires keen consideration, planning, preparation, and attention to detail. Event planners must be equipped with the necessary skills to ensure that they organize an event that everyone will remember, and that everything runs smoothly as planned. For this reason, we will discuss some of the top skills required to organize an event and why event planners should be equipped with these skills.

Communication Skills

At the top of the list, we have communication skills. Effective communication skills are highly important to organize an event because event planners are required to communicate clearly and effectively with clients, team members, vendors, and attendees. This means that event planners have to make the goals and objectives of the event clear and articulate, provide clear instructions, and handle any concerns or queries that may arise.

Effective communication is required to manage healthy relationships with vendors because a good event planner is able to negotiate prices, manage contracts, and ensure that all vendors are on the same page.

Time Management Skills

Time management skills are critical when it comes to event organizing because proper time management is necessary to plan and organize a successful event. Event managers and planners should be able to handle multiple tasks at a time and prioritize tasks based on their importance. They must ensure that everything is done on time and within the allocated budget. They also have to ensure that tasks that require immediate attention and are of prime importance are prioritized. This allows for more productivity and doing more within a limited time period.


Whether it is planning an event at Marriott or anywhere else, creativity is another essential skill for event planning. Event planners must be able to come up with fresh, creative, and innovative ideas to make the event a success. This means that event planners must be creative with their ideas, constantly innovate new technologies, and incorporate unique elements into the event's design and theme to make the event stand out from others. The demand for creative planners is such that everyone wants their event to be unique and stand out from others.

Attention to Detail

To organize a successful event, keenness and attention to detail are highly important skills. Great event planners must have the quality of paying close attention to every aspect of the event, from the venue's layout to table arrangement because small details make a huge difference in creating a successful and memorable event. In addition, event planners must also be able to identify potential issues before they become problems so that everything goes as planned.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Flexibility and adaptability are essential skills that every event planner must have. No matter how well an event is planned, you never know about unexpected challenges and changing circumstances that may arise at any moment. Therefore, to cope with unexpected and changing situations, event planners must be flexible and able to adapt to changes, coming up with alternative solutions quickly. They must be able to handle unforeseen circumstances calmly and professionally to ensure that the event runs as smoothly as planned.


You cannot excel in any field unless you have a passion for it. Event planners who want to excel in this field and organize memorable events need to have a passion for the events they are organizing. They need to be passionate about the work they are doing because passion can drive their motivation, creativity, and dedication to deliver successful events. Event planners who are passionate about their work tend to be more enthusiastic and committed to their projects, ensuring that all aspects of the event are perfect, down to the smallest details.

Leadership Skills

Along with other skills, leadership skills are also essential for event planners because they are responsible for managing their teams and need to be able to command, guide, and work with them. With effective leadership, event planners can ensure that everyone involved in organizing the event is working together to make the event a success and help avoid conflicts and mistakes.

Organizing a successful event requires a combination of these skills. Event planners must be passionate, good communicators, creative, able to lead and motivate a team and adapt to unexpected changes. By continually developing and refining these skills over time, event planners can ensure that every event they organize is a memorable and successful one.

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Will discuss some of the top skills required to organize an event and why event planners should be equipped with these skills.

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