A chef, a bartender & an event manager launch TheLayout to curate personalized event experiences

Industry Watch | May 5, 2023 | News

TheLayout Nehal Arora Mohit Gurnani Siddhartha Chaturvedi

Are you a lover of details? Are you the one who wishes to leave your intangible mark on everything you do? Are you the one frequently hosting and cherishing life in style? And also the one to see your event running smoothly while you check up on your guests and have a great time?

TheLayout is a startup based out of Jaipur, where food experience architects Nehal Arora, Mohit Gurnani and Siddhartha Chaturvedi, lay out a plan for your grandeur and chic dreams of an event, hosted in connection with culinary arts, humans, & drinks. Not being confined to food & cuisine, but going for that extra mile for their clients and bringing out their entire personality.

Why TheLayout? we asked the plate poets who told us how they themselves have faced challenges of unprofessional people, lack of passion, no personalisation, and zero standardisation.

“We don’t copy-paste menus, we sit with you and make it as personal as we can. We want the menu to be a reflection of you and your loved ones” said Nehal while being asked about why did they their differentiating factor.

Founders said that after working with the biggest-bestest catering & events companies in Jaipur and they realised that almost every other company served the same menu set-up and trends.

This led to the idea of building state-of-the-art regale experiences in Jaipur and across Rajasthan which is backed by the exceptional experience and education of the founders and accompanied by their family legacy and indulgence in food from early childhood.

They speak about stories where they have been observing and talking to people who’ve been attending events. the remarks were inclusive of statements like -

“The staff had no clue of what they were serving.”

“There was a huge difference in what was discussed and what was served in terms of food and aesthetics both.”

“The staff had a very visible fight going on within.”

The founders Siddhartha, Nehal, and Mohit have strong work backgrounds. Siddhartha Chaturvedi has been running the most renowned and awarded event management company, Event Crafter for the last 25 years. Nehal Arora is a professional chef from Les Roches, founder & chef of a pastry brand based in Jaipur, Vanilla & the Bean with her F&B indulged family background for the last 75 years. Mohit is a graduate of Brunel University, London and a certified bartender from EBS Barcelona who’s leading Mixology with his knowledge and skills. He has worked with elite hotel & hospitality businesses in London. Apart from these, the bartender also owns his restaurant in Chandigarh, Prankster - an exciting place for the younger crowd.

“We are excited about the future and have several plans in place to expand our services and reach more clients. Over the next five years, we aim to increase our presence in the community, launch new and innovative menu offerings, and enhance our sustainability practices. We believe that with our dedicated team and commitment to exceptional service, we can achieve our goals and continue to provide memorable culinary experiences for our clients.” answered Siddhartha upon being asked about the next five years of the startup.

The Layout has been designed with a strong foundation and framework that claims to ensure the elimination of all the faux pas evolving your event into an amusing hosting experience with an essence of personal touch. The startup currently is creating experiences across Rajasthan and Delhi.

For editorial related queries, reach us at edit@eventfaqs.com

TheLayout is a startup where food experience architects Nehal, Mohit & Siddhartha, lay out a plan for your chic dreams of an event, hosted in connection with culinary arts, humans & drinks.

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