Why Rajasthan has emerged as a hub for Destination Weddings in India?

Weddings | April 21, 2023 | Feature

Destination Weddings

Indian weddings are highly alluring because they reflect the blend of customs, emotions, enthusiastic relatives, sanctity, and celebrations involved with marriages in India. An exquisite venue adds to the vibrancy and regality of the events. In today's world, where everyone wants the finest destination venue, Rajasthan has emerged as the preferred location for organizing a grand wedding. 

Rajasthan is well known not only in India, but across the world, for its one-of-a-kind jewelry that is a work of art in itself, for its sprawling lawns and royal hotels, for a remarkable collection of souvenirs, for the stunning range of formal attires that its boutiques and designers offer. As well as the accessibility, comfort of housing, transportation and administration of the entire event has resulted in Rajasthan's entrance as a Destination Wedding Hub for not just Indians but also those from other parts of the world. 

Self-sufficient State- 

To put it simply, it provides the royal experience like no other, not only with its multitude of forts and palaces, the majority of which have been turned into hotels, but also with the vibrancy that one connects with a celebration, whether it gastronomy or culture. Over time, the state has grown self-sufficient in the wedding ecosystem, with designers and wedding planners setting up base for the wedding season, supplying every bauble and service available in metros.

History and Magnificence- 

Rajasthan's economy has risen significantly in recent years, with the wedding industry playing a significant role. Throughout the state, luxury wedding venues such as historic palaces, forts, and havelis that combine history and magnificence are accessible. Rajasthan provides an ideal setting for couples to capture their special moments, especially given that social media has increased the demand for aesthetically pleasing surroundings. 

Wide range of Venues- 

Rajasthan has a wide range of venues for the event that are affordable to people of different socioeconomic backgrounds. The banquet halls, lush green lawns, and pool-side views of the Luxury and Heritage hotels ensconced in cities like Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer, have emerged as exclusive venues for 'theme weddings' for the affluent and famous. At the same time, the green spread of the resorts, clubs, and marriage grounds located in various sections of Rajasthan's historical cities provides a compelling setting for the nuptial ceremony. 

Transportation Ease- 

Well-managed traffic, convenient transport and reasonable distances make it easy for relatives and guests to get between the places of accommodation and the ceremony. Also, the comfortable roadways of Rajasthan's cities allow for an amazing procession (Baraat). Away from the rush and hustle of metros, Rajasthan's cities blend the comfort and ease of a leisurely wedding with the facilities and class of a metro city.

Large Accommodations- 

The lush green lawns, adorned with outstanding regal shamianas and artistic floral decorations, can easily accommodate up to 2500 people and meet the never-ending needs of a wedding celebration. The caterers add to the delight of the guests by serving a scrumptious selection of Indian and Rajasthan cuisines.

Vibrant Bazaars-

Rajasthan markets are a shopper's paradise because of the incredible variety of garments and jewellery available at cheap prices for the bride and other members of the wedding party. Rajasthani jewellery is renowned not just for its unrivalled variety of styles, but also for its time-tested and reputable quality. In addition, Rajasthan's vibrant bazaars have a timeless charm, selling a rich ensemble of ethnic formal wears exquisitely embroidered with traditional zardozi, gotapatti, mukesh work, sequins, and bead-work. Leather footwear is also popular, particularly the embroidered "juthis" that are popular with both young and old people. The Bride's search for her wedding trousseau and accessories comes to a end here in the land of the Royals.

The variety of facilities available in Rajasthan has encouraged travel operators and wedding planners to provide their clients with a full package for Royal Weddings. It's no surprise that such a rare combination of ease, luxury, grandeur, atmosphere, and accessibility has positioned Rajasthan as the country's preferred hub for Destination Weddings.

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It's no surprise that such a rare combination of ease, luxury, grandeur, atmosphere, and accessibility has positioned Rajasthan as the country's preferred hub for Destination Weddings.

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