EEMA creates history! 21 regional event management associations come together to sign treaty

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EEMA, the Events and Entertainment Management Association of India, successfully concluded the maiden edition of  Congress of Regional Event Associations (COREA) in Delhi. The event, held at the Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, intended to bring together the whole ecosystem of the Indian subcontinent's events business under one roof.

The event created a landmark moment in the history of the events industry as 21 associations from the Indian Subcontinent came together to sign the first ever treaty of its kind for alignment and cooperation.

There are around 25 regional associations in the country, each with many event companies. By bringing these organisations together, EEMA took the first step towards creating a new universe of thought leaders that is inclusive and brings people together for a greater cause.

More than 20 organisations from throughout the country and Sri Lanka gathered, with approximately 100 key players seated inside the grand layout of the hall to discuss the future of the events sector and policy advocacy with governments.

Speaking about the significance of COREA, Samit Garg, the President of EEMA, added, “The events industry will exhibit exponential growth in the coming years, and there is a need to bring all the thought leaders together for a common cause. COREA is an initiative that will just do that, and we are proud to be hosting the inaugural edition of this event in Delhi. We believe that COREA will help to carve the landscape of the future of events industry in India, and we are delighted to see this enthusiasm of participation  at this historic event.”

COREA also included prior EEMA presidents Brian Tellis, Sabbas Joseph, and Roshan Abbas, whose aggregate expertise and participation provided views on how the industry should join together to be One, to reflect the industry's concerns as policy.

The event featured a variety of themes including industry sizing, policy prospects, government contact, and women in leadership roles. The event also provided a forum for regional associations to share best practises and experiences, allowing for cross-cultural learning. The following are the congress's main highlights:

- A common minimum program for development was created after mutual discussions and consensus. This is now the blue print of action at COREA over the next year.

- The forum celebrated the success of 'The Wedding Tourism Policy Draft' prepared by EEMA / Deloitte and discussed the positive impact that it is making amongst the policy drivers in government offices.

- A team from KPMG was roped in to discuss the modus operandi of creating a series of recommendations to be presented to the government for the upliftment of events industry covering aspects of industry status, industry size measurement, employment matrix etc. 

- Four national committees were constituted to collectively work on the following - 

  • Education and Skill Development   

  • Music Licensing   

  • Restrictive Tractices By Associate Businesses 

  • Protocol and code of Conduct

- Recognizing the importance and role of women in the development of the events eco-system was established and the 'We Care' initiative of EEMA was opened up for regional accessibility to conduct workshops and training programs.

- Last but not the least, the COREA Treaty of Cooperation and Alignment was signed by all the 22 associations represented in the Congress. This will go down as historic and unprecedented in the books of events business in the country. “One Nation One Direction” – is the new motto of all industry stakeholders.

The event was a success, and it established a foundation for future collaboration and progress in India's events sector. The discussions, agreements, and consensus reached during the Congress will aid in the development of a more inclusive and united industry, ensuring that all stakeholders work together towards a common objective. EEMA's efforts in bringing together regional associations from throughout India and Sri Lanka through COREA have established a precedent for future industry collaboration.

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The event, held at the Leela Ambience Convention Hotel, intended to bring together the whole ecosystem of the Indian subcontinent's events business under one roof.

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